They won't listen...


Gfgd has come home for a visit twice this month for a few hours. Each time, I've seen/heard signs of her slipping back into that dark place where she was when I had to have in the teen unit at the hospital....sleepless nights, sleeping all day, nervous laughter, rapid speech followed by almost comatose behaviour....and I've had a couple friends tell me that they've run into her and her dress is scarey...fullon black with a whited out face and black tears and hearts drawn on her cheeks....and mention of the voices and suicide and that she might try it...

So I put in a call to the home where she is....tell them my mom instinct has gone on high alert and am very worried...their response? Well she's 17 and this is her way of expressing her individuality, her differentness so to speak.

I say no....she's slipping again, please listen....she's told me the hospital didn't help, it only made her sadder and that she doesn't think she can do this anymore...

Again I get the brush off....I ask if they will tell me what is going on with, not unless she asks me to...I exploded and said make sure you call when I need to bury my baby and slam the phone down....


They keep saying it's teen isn' guts tell me it isn't and I don't know what to do anymore....

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I would run, not walk to that house and insist they have an emergency evaluation. If you have custody, can you bring her home even temporarily? I am so sorry for your worry but realize that you know your daughter best and continue to try to get her help.

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I understand your worry and your frustration. Do you have custody where you can just take her and have the evaluation done yourself? If you do, and you are this worried I'd pick her up and have it done. Obviously they aren't willing to listen.

Yes, she is probably expressing herself through her dress ect. And while there really isn't anything too wrong with that..... My own N was a goth for 2 yrs..... If she seems to have a pattern relating dress to mood and stability, then it is and should be regarded as a red flag.

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I know my instincts are usually right on. I would do whatever it takes to get someone to listen. If you have custody and she is under 18, then you should be able to have more say then they are telling you.