This Month Will Hoover!


Roll With It
I hope and pray fervently that NOTHING else happens this month. I cannot believe all that happened in the last 24 hours.

My dad had some testing done ten days ago to see what was going on with his heart. He finally saw the heart surgeon yesterday. He is having a quadruple bypass on next Tuesday, a week from today. Prayers are so needed, I cannot even IMAGINE life without him. I don't want to either!!!

I am sure gfgbro and I will see each other in the next few weeks. I will handle it with-o showing any problems to him or my mom. Jess may have to do deal with him too. Her therapist thinks she should still avoid him, but this situation is unusual and I will let NOTHING upset my mom during this. Dad will be in the hospital for 7-10 days in a city over an hour away. I am glad he isn't having it done here!

Of course I had a migraine today. Still have it although imitrex has beaten it back. We got a letter that J signed for about 30 min before husband got home at two after teaching. We have 30 days to find a new place to live. We cannot get more time because they are demolishing our complex to build a new one.

My health has NEVER been this bad. NEVER. I was doing better, able to stand and move longer and more often until about 3 weeks ago. Something is wrong and I don't know what. My back hurts if I stand for even ten minutes. It is in my lower back on both sides and it is horribly painful. I am pushing to walk more anyway,but it puts me out for several days if I do. I even have trouble sitting up, am laying on my side to type this because I was almost in tears from the pain of just sitting up in the car and then walking up to the leasing office of the company that just today took over management of this property. they took over to kick us all out.

I won't be around as much in a few days. Please keep us all in your thoughts. I don't even know where we can rent given the foreclosure on our old place.

husband is a wreck and we NEED him to keep it together to finish teaching and talk his boss into summer work. I cannot fall apart because my mom will need me to help her and my husband will need me to keep him and the kids calm. All we can find right now is a 2 br place, but it will have to work. J sleeps in the living room anyway though. She cannot sleep laying down because she stops breathing if she does. I usually still check her 3-4 times a night to make sure she is breathing. The doctor refuses to order a sleep study because the idiot pediatrician docs (neuro and other) made sure her diagnosis says conversion and they say the problems are 'of hysterical origin' and do not require medical treatment, just therapy. Her therapist says BS to that, but we are stuck between dueling docs.


Roll With It
I am seriously wondering just how much more we can handle. Some construction company hit a waterline and we may or may not have water before tomorrow or the next day. AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sending prayers, this puts things in perspective for me- I really hope you can find some doctors to listen and get to the bottom of your issues & J's.


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Sending caring supportive thoughts your way. I'm so sorry that so much "hit the fan" at the same time. Hugs DDD