Those who know real esate: Is this a GOOD thing?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Our realtor called today and said that our lender would have an answer for him tomorrow about our loan. Remember, she have less than great credit, but she was optimstic. In the meantime, he asked if we wanted to see the house that we've been panting over. It was sort of like he expected her to approve us, but he wouldn't say that she was going to or not--just said we'd have to wait until tomorrow. Yet he did want to show us the house on the inside!
    I had to take daughter to an appointment so he said, "Well, maybe it's just as well. We can wait and see what she says tomorrow."
    I'm going nuts. Do you think he suspects something? Is this a good sign or is he guessing? And if he's guessing...well, who knows?
    Any ideas?
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    The 2nd most stressful thing I've EVER been through in my life was buying a house -

    If it were me? I'd want to see - but I'm () nosey.

    Sounds like you have it all under control - did you still need the name of the mortgage lender I have?

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    Hard to say, being a realtor looking for a sale, I'm sure he's being as optimistic as possible too. Good luck and hope you get it.
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    I doubt the realtor has any insights on the loan. He just wants to show you the house. I guess I don't understand about the loan...... if you haven't even seen the house why have you started the loan process? Is this tied in with the home you are already living in? I thought before you could apply for a mortgage or loan you had to have a specific property in mind to use the loan on....... guess I just blanked on part of your story......sorry.....
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    I am an ex- realator and I can say that I would not read anything into this. The realtor knows that there are more than one way to finance a house and it is in his best intrest for you to fall madly in love with it. Truly, if there is any chance that a client could qualify for a loan, a realtor will show a house.
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    I worked for real estate appraisers for 11 years until I had to leave work. I talked to so many realtors, lenders, etc - it's not even funny.

    RM pretty much hit it. Even *if* you don't get this one, this realtor, in this cruddy economy, is gonna keep going round and round til he/she finds someone. So, yes, he's going to remain as hopeful as possible.

    And, someone could be pulling a string here or there til tomorrow, too.

    So, I'd just hang tight. I know you're probably ready to scream LOL - but all you can do is wait.

    I owe you a call and an email. I'm getting there - if you need me, you know how to get me, though.