Ticket for paraphenalia


Well just found out 19 yo got a ticket for drug paraphenalia back in November. First run in with the law. He doesn't know I know. Found out he has a court date that has been postponed. Apparrently this hasn't stopped him because I have seen him since then when I knew he was high. Meanwhile, my younger son spending a lot of time at late Dad's. Says now he didn't feel like he knew him. Stepmom needs help with some things. We had a long talk last night. He clued me in on where all he thought Id went wrong. And he didn't care how stepmom and sis acted to me at the hospital because their husband and brother was dying. Then he told me he was sorry. Then he got upset and told me how guilty he felt. Such dark days. I wish I could just take a vacation from life for awhile. Makes me wonder if oldest son's late Dad knew about the ticket. In light of this since he is driving a car that is in my name. I texted him and said that if he wanted to keep it we were going to have to put it in his name. And the insurance. He has a car anyway. He just hadn't been able to find the key. He text me back to say he had found the key to his car. I'm sure he is now mad at me for bringing this up right after his father died. But I don't want him driving that car in my name and getting a ticket.