Tigger refused to go to school -- again


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So Tigger is once again at home. He is sitting at the table doing his school work. His behavior is fine except that he refused to get on the diva bus. Ugh. husband and I agreed if he can't make it to school the rest of the year (just 13 days), then I will home school him all summer; we will try a two-week special recreation day camp in July where he has to get on a school bus to go and if he refuses that, then I will homeschool him for 3rd grade.


I give you a lot of credit. How do you get a strong-willed child to listen. I would home school in a heartbeat, but I know it would not be a learning lesson, more of a struggle/argument.
All you who homeschool have the patience of a saint.
You have such a plan. Hopes all works out for you


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Mine refused today, too. Not common for us, so I am hoping she just needed a break or something.

I do not know how you do it. It is so frustrating. School refusal - people do not understand it either. PPs just figure you 'make them go'.


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Heck, even the school can't figure out a way to make him go. Last week they started sending the diva bus for him and yesterday I physically carried him onto the bus and put his seatbelt on. She had to pull over so often to make him sit back down that she was 20 minutes late to the school.

He did some school work today but not as much as I had hoped. He took two naps (when he is tired he just sleeps wherever he is -- today he fell asleep in the dirty laundry while helping me sort it and then on a kitchen chair while doing homework. He is suppose to be getting tested for sleep disorders this summer.)

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We've had a great deal of school refusal on kt's part of late. We had a psychiatrist appointment today - he feels that we should let things run their course. If kt ends up truant & in court, it's her choice.

Having said that, psychiatrist did tweak kt's medications today & kt is a bit older than Tigger. We're at the point of teaching day to day consequences for choices & behaviors.

I'll let you know if it makes a difference. In the meantime, you have my sympathies - this isn't fun.