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kt has been, at best, all over the place. However, I've been seeing things in her that make me proud.

kt's habitual response to any request is "no". Doesn't matter the request - always "no".

I've noted however that after about 10 minutes kt comes back to me, apologizes & takes care of the request. This has happened 3 times over the last week. :angel:

This morning, after 4 hours at the lake yesterday & quite the sunburn (even with sunblock), kt announced to me that she & PCA were heading back to the lake today. There is a health warning out today for heat/pollution & with the medications my kt takes, I tend to keep things low key when a warning comes out.

I let kt know that today the lake was out - sunburn needed to heal & health warning out. Low key day.

kt, protested, & whined.

Ten minutes later, she came to me & told me that she didn't want to go swimming. Maybe going to the library & getting ready for respite; after dinner a trip to the park.

Sounds like a plan, kt. :dance:

I love to see kt work things out - to stop & think. All these years, there is a glimmer; she's having light bulb moments. :flower:


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I definitely agree that this is a great sign! Good for kt. And good for you knowing that if you have to say 'no' that it doesn't necessarily mean that you're in for a real fight.



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What great news !!! :bravo:I love the fact that she is leaving the room and processing your response/request and dealing with it. Way to Go !!

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This was such a wonderful post to read. How great that she is having lightbulb moments! :angel:

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As you all know with your difficult children, it's these light bulb moments that keep us going. :warrior:

Thanks for the kt kudos. :flower: