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    Hi all,

    I’m a single mother, my husband passed away 2 years ago. I have twin boys. After my husband’s death, I had to take care of the house, and had started working. I started getting so engrossed in work, that I really had no time to spend with my kids, and I really feel so bad about it. At times, I feel that I’m a bad mother, who doesn’t even have time for her kids. I know they need me, but for financial support, this job is really important for me. Now, their birthday is coming up, and I was thinking of celebrating it by going on a holiday, somewhere nice and peaceful , so that I can spend some quality time with my boys. My friend suggested Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park, and hiking there. And I think my kids will love it, because they love hiking, and have been asking for it from quite some time. But, I’m worried about the cost part. I can’t afford too much on a holiday, looking for nice some places, which are cheap, and at the same time, fun and relaxing too. Since it’s just me and the kids, it should be safe as well. Any suggestions or other ideas on how to celebrate their birthday in a better way are most welcome.
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    Xi don't know how old your children are, or where you live, so it is hard to be specific.

    You might see if you can borrow a tent and go camping. When my grandkids were younger, they would have been happy to sleep in a tent together in the back yard and roast marshmallows...

    It is nice that you are planning a special time for the three of you.

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    I have no suggestions...except everything is cheaper if you can prepare your own food!

    Happy times..I also have twins, just wanted to wish you the. best.

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    Please don't think that you're a bad Mom! There were circumstances you have to work hard! And every celebration you make for them will be the best, as you'll spend time together! Wish you happiness!