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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mrs M, Jun 8, 2017.


Tired of trying what to do?

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  1. Mrs M

    Mrs M New Member

    You park your car...and there are so many people around you but u feel so lonely at the same time... You think u do your best but nothing seems to be working...
    Hi my name is Mrs M I have couple children and a lovely husband.. my middle child is awarding me for the worst Mother of her Life... only because I care. The last 3 years we have going threw horrible things with her suicidle notes to running away.. and the list goes on..
    Today I am tired... and it's all about a boy she is only 14 and I would like her to wait till she is 16.. I'm taking her to counciling once a fort night. She Keep on saying I don't trust her... well I don't after so many lies... what to do...
  2. Lost in sadness

    Lost in sadness Active Member

    Sorry you found 'us' but glad you did! I understand that feeling of loneliness and sadly lots of us have been given the same 'award' from our beloved children. If only they understood our love for them.
    You will get lots of support here to help you on your journey.
    Hang in there. Hugs xx
  3. Mrs M

    Mrs M New Member

    Thank u for your support means a lot
  4. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    My Difficult Child found the love of her life at 14. Then our world fell apart. We did not allow her to date at 14, but she would see him at school. Then she started sneaking out at night to see him. She was afraid if she didn't, he would have a different girl come over.

    Then she ran from home and police found her at his house. He was a manipulator. A druggy. She felt like she was his savior. It was off and on for three years. She was always ready to give him money from her part time job, which she lost, as she would tell us she was working, then call in sick to see him.

    He introduced her to a variety of drugs. Now she has been using meth for 7 months. Trying to quit. We have court services since she ran 3 times in Jan/Feb. and when found by police, tested positive for meth.

    We are close to her being removed from our home. She has had 3 weeks of house arrest. Things will probably loosen up next week, and I am afraid she will spiral out of control.

    We tried keeping them apart. We tried allowing him to see her at our house (before things turned really bad). Or to allow them to go to a movie or school activity. But as soon as we tried to let them have an appropriate relationship, he would dump her after a week, because other 14yo girls had parents who allowed or indifferent to them spending the nights with him,

    Stand your ground. I hate that I can't have a good relationship with her...but I will probably be the bad cop to her for a few more years.

  5. IttyBittySquid

    IttyBittySquid I've got this!

    I know that feeling so well. I'm so sorry you are so completely exhausted. There almost aren't words to describe the depth of that feeling. But hang in there! I always tell my kids that I won't always do everything right - but nobody can accuse me of not trying. That's all you can do. Just try. Every single day. Don't give up. She might not think she needs you right now - but she does. And someday, she'll look back and know that she needed you... and that you were there. HUGS!
  6. Baggy Bags

    Baggy Bags Active Member

    So sorry you're going through this.

    My son ran away last year (he was 14) to a whole other state where the girl he liked was. He got a job delivering pizza IN A CAR with no license and no driving experience!!! We found out he was there after about a week. He had been picked up by family services, almost sent to a detention center, but we begged them to give him back to us. He still hates me for "ruining his new life with her" pfff.

    I hope she comes around and you get your daughter back.

    Hang in there. (((hugs)))