Today is Sunday and I am looking forward to..........


This is one of those days that I often use to get ready for the rest of my week. Sometimes I do some shopping or other errands, often enough I just get things done around the house.

Today I am looking forward to catching up on household chores, maybe hanging my new AWESOME kitchen curtain [ "Barrrrrt, you gotta help me!" ] I am also planning to make some sort of deelish dinner, because I have a loads of groceries in the house....maybe jazz up some leftovers, to clear up the fridge a little and create one of my original desserts.

What have the rest of you got planned for today and the next couple of days following? I know that Monday, for me, means the usual whirlwind of work-outside-the-house activities-the ones I get $$ to do.

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I'm looking forward to a nap. And to not having to leave the house - it's bone chilling cold outside. *

As to food - nada. Chores - again, nada. Sleep & reading a good book wrapped in my quilt.


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Well I usually save Sunday's for housework etc too but I found that I hate doing it ALL on Sunday's. I want to rest and lay around by then lol. So I did most of it Friday, and a bit yesterday. Today I have to only clean easy child's room up a bit and vacuum it, the rest of the house is in good shape, laundry done (major accomplishment, I loathe doing the laundry).
I was up at 6a.m. because I wasn't feeling well and laying there awake was making me frustrated. So I got up, threw on my fluffy robe over my flannel pj's, warm fuzzy socks and slippers, and flaked out in my living room. Did some reading, some computer games etc. I plan to do nothing before easy child comes home at 3p.m. from her weekend with her father. Then I will start a delish chicken stew on the stove, clean her room and bake some biscuits for with dinner. After dinner dishes and that's it, that's all. I am not getting dressed today, it is comfy pj's for me!!
BRRR! It is cold outside here too. I'm not poking my nose out that door but for letting the dog in and out to do his business. I won't even go rent a movie, a usual Sunday p.m. event. Plan to just buy one off the satellite if there is something interesting.

Hope everyone else is spending this day THEIR way, how you want it, not how you have to have it!



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Not exactly looking forward to it but ... I usually goof off on Saturdays, so all the "chore-type" stuff is saved for Sundays. I need to stop doing that! I always save the laundry for Sundays, so I have that to look forward to. And today is one of those very special days that I reserve for getting rid of that annoying gray stripe that persistently appears in the part of my naturally dark brown hair! Nothing I like better on a cold day than to be running around with big wet blobs of "Nice & Easy" stuck to my head!



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Reading the Sunday paper, doing laundry, and grading 3 sets of Algebra 2 tests. Doesn't that sound like a fun day?

by the way, Linda, it's bone chilling cold here today, too. We are only going to have a high of 39 degrees with a low tonight of 18 degress. Brrrrrr! *

Maybe I'll get lucky and they will close schools tomorrow because it's too cold. Don't laugh, they have done it before (when it was 0 degrees with a windchill of 20 below ~ they were afraid the busses wouldn't start).

I know, to you northerners, we're just silly. :rofl: