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    The school cop talked to the principal. Three times, at least. He is making calls to the alternative school on our behalf. He has even seen this school do assessments for outside district students.... Principal never filed a report with him regarding the assault, so she was either blowing smoke, or he talked her out of it by telling her it would accomplish nothing. Not sure which. Don't really care. He has set up a meeting with her again tomorrow.Talked to the advocates. They are chomping at the bit to go to due process. They do not want me to send Wee back to school. I am on the fence about that. We are sitting at 13 days out. 2 more gives me educational neglect, which really doesn't scare me much.Talked to the case manager. The one advocate has quite a history of liking the fight, so she is supporting me in tempering their drive to go to due process. (tho we are close....don't take me wrong)I called the outside agency that was supposed to have been in and doing an FBA because no one at school would get back to me about it. They have not been in yet, and no date is scheduled. I wrote an email to the SpEd Director and told her that this was agreed upon in the IEP meeting and we were told they would be on board as soon ass WEe was in school. This, again, is not acceptable, and this needs to be a priority. She responded to me that she would contact them today to get that scheduled, after the attorney talked to her.And the attorney called me and asked to talk. I said sure (sorry guys, I just really feel this guy wants the school to comply...I could be wrong...but I think he can hold their feet to the fire in this). He told me that he had contacted the school. He said he reminded them that they needed to use discretion and take the context of any incidents into consideration in the future before they remove him from school. He told me he totally agreed with me that the outside agency should be in place for the FBA, and that he told them he wanted it scheduled by the beginning of the week, and results should be available by 3 weeks after they start. He was not aware of the statement of police involvement, and told me he did not think that was appropriate in this situation, and would address that, also. He said that he felt obligated to remind me that he still worked for the school district, but agreed that he and i have a common goal, and that was getting the district to implement a plan that educates Wee and follows the law to do so. He genuinely thanked me for calling, said it was a pleasant suprise that doesn't happen often, and he enjoys the chance to talk with me, and said he would be in contact with me in the next day or so with what I can expect from future behavioral incidents. So I think it was productive, and I don't think much was said that could be very damaging. Who knows. I could be wrong. I jsut went with my gut.As for school, Wee desperately wants to go back tomorrow. Its homecoming. I will put in writing what is all WRONG with this whole situation, that I expect the SpEd teacher's plan to be implemented in the future, and that WEe will not be punished for adults' screw ups going forward. The principal and SpEd Dir are aware of ALL of the people I have contacted in response to this, as most of them have, in turn, contacted the school today, also. I spent the day today working with Wee, if a situation goes south at school, sit on your hands and start yelling "I want SpEd Teacher!"; He has it down pretty good, so I will probably send him. I have some hope in the SpEd teacher, and Wee likes her. A lot. If he didn't want to go, I would keep him home in a heartbeat. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I'm doing.So anyway, that's what has taken place thus far.
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    Shari, this is from an article called . . . . Zero Tolerance and Students With Special Needs . . . . "Zero tolerance policies may negatively impact students with disabilities to a greater degree than students without special needs. Although IDEA '97 requires continuing educational services for any student with a disability who is suspended for more than 10 consecutive days or 10 cumulative days in one academic year, policies that require suspension or expulsion for certain behaviors put many students with disabilities outside of the education setting, apart from educators who could help address their needs. Further, discipline practices that restrict access to appropriate education often exacerbate the problems of students with disabilities, increasing the probability that these students will not complete high school. School personnel charged with disciplining students with disabilities must be familiar with relevant components of IDEA '97, including the provisions for Interim Alternative Educational Placements (see resources below). Other alternatives are mandated by federal and state statute to assure that students with disabilities have ongoing access to an appropriate education." Shari, aren't they already remiss because you are 13 days out? . . . . JO (sorry no paragraphs)
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    I really like this idea!

    I think your strongest legal point is that this FBA team should have already been there and aren't even scheduled yet and it really appears that the school is dragging that meeting out but doing it in such a way as to point the finger at them.
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    Barney, I think that's exactly the problem we have here. The attorney re-iterated with them that he is not a typical student and needs to be treated as such. He also reminded them that even if we get everything right for Wee, the transition for him is NOT going to be smooth and they need to take that into consideration. Klmno, yes...that is a BIG point. Also the fact that the BIP wasn't followed in Tuesday's incident. And I think I made it danged inconvenient for them to send him home this time. They had to answer to a whole lot of people today. I'm hoping that point wasn't lost, either.I may be totally wrong, but that's what I've done thus far.
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    It's better protocol to make the attorney contact through the advocate, and impressive that he called you back. Shari, given the attitude of this district, if he's out of school any more I think you'd be wise to cover yourself with the educational neglect issue. Ask for homebound or else begin to homeschool core subjects (get some workbooks) for the hours he's not in the building and document everything that Wee does. Keep a schedule and keep all of his work.
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    I am really considering calling DFS myself, much like I did with the cop, before anyone turns me in. Take in his file, his IEP/BIP, the previous incidents, etc. I really think if they had a head's up, and knew why I was keeping him out, with this history, that it wouldn't be an issue.BUt yes, I have an outline of his "schooling" if we get to that point.
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    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you today... I was actually thinking about you guys yesterday also- the girls started Therapeutic Horse Riding- I kept having the image of N shooting off of the horse! Little N she has on her pink boots and very tight jeans....(too small)
    I kept chuckling to myself...
    Hang in there
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    Thanks, Toto! I'd love to see a picture of N riding sometime!

    If you have some time, look up Annie Bianco-Ellet sometime. She is top gun in mounted shooting. She's pretty, her horse is pretty, she wears a lot of bling, and she's one mean-riding/fast-shooting lady. She's taken overall champion (over the men) and is just pretty much the bomb in shooting. I'd think a little cowgirl might like her.

    It has been a harrowing week, for sure, but I have finally talked to the advocates, the county case manager, etc, and we have all agreed on a course of action from here. I'll be working on some letters this weekend. For today, I'm back at work, desperately trying to figure out what I need to do and when...