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    difficult child has a friend who came over to play. He never has any friends over, he has so few of them. This friend is a girl, who difficult child states is his "ex". Who knows, I think difficult child makes up his girlfriends to look good. I am in the room with them, so they are supervised.

    He is being so sweet. Playing what she wants to. Making sure she has food/drink. Offering to get her things. Not out of control and over excited because she is over. Not showing off, but having a good time. He made them microwave popcorn, got her pudding (he had just made it before she came over), shared a pepsi with her.

    It is so nice to see him interact with a friend in a normal caring way. I am almost in tears. He is so cooperative and reasonable.

    And this is after being at the county fair all day (from early afternoon untill midnight or 1am) since Tuesday. He is becoming so much more flexible. He still has his moments where he is rude and inconsiderate, but they are being balanced out by his other side.
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    How wonderful!
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    It's wonderful to see what a great young man he is becoming! :)
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :beautifulthing: It's such a relief when we see signs that they are growing up, isn't it? :D
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    The signs of maturity are so nice. I really enjoy his newfound flexibility. He has always been so rigid in the past--about everything. This is so nice.