Took difficult child to the pool

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    today and it turned out really nice. It usually is one of his favorite places but these days that's no guarantee. Seriously on Thursday I was thinking he is going to have to go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (and he still may) and then today was so pleasant.

    He and I played in the pool for about 90 minutes and then he wanted to go get a basketball to play water basketball. I told him to go ahead but I didn't want to. He started playing and about 45 minutes later he brought over this woman to meet me because her name was "Grandma Sharon" and he thought it was cool we had the same name. difficult child was playing with her 7 year old grandson and helping him with the basketball.

    When difficult child wasn't near the woman told me that I had a very nice boy! Wow and then I got a double wow. As difficult child was headed back to the bb area I looked to make sure no one was looking and called his name-he looked and I blew him a quick kiss-he looked too to make sure no one was looking and blew me one back. Could have knocked me over with a feather.
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