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I finally may have gotten the ball rolling to get Al some real help. Because of her drug use they keep referring us back to the drug counselling and services never really looking at the fact that this is just the latest incarnation of what is going on with her. There is a program (the only one of its kind in Alberta) that will treat CD for female adolescents. They have 4 beds in the middle of nowhere and 2 female counselors work one on one with them intensively for 4 months or longer if they need it. They get education and retraining and they are completely cut off from everyone and everything except the people that the parents allow contact with. They have a great success rate but at 35000 it is out of a persons price range. They sent me to Family and Children's services for funding, but when we got to the local office they said they don't have a contract with Bosco homes. And the only thing they offered was a family support worker to come to the home to mediate some rules. When Al ran away 3 weeks ago we called FCS and asked for any help they could offer. Our SW empathized but said nothing she could do. We asked for Al to be removed into foster care and she told us flat out that they weren't going to do that. We called a few times in the meantime and only got platitudes. No worker, zilch. When she was mouthing off to the cops the other day and then ran off, I called again and talked to the fill in SW. She again offered nothing so I again asked for the supervisor. She didn't bother calling back. So yesterday I wrote 27 letters to everyone I could find and then started calling the Regional Authority for FCS. I talked to a man and told him everything that was happening and how nothing was being done. What do you know, not 3 hours later I get a call from the supervisor and they have set up an appointment for today. And they are giving Al a worker that will work one on one with her. Like Bosco said, first step to getting her recommended to the Adolescent program is to have them watch what is going on and then realize that it is the only thing going to work.


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Well, you stayed committed to getting your girl help and it is starting to work !!

Way to go!

Now the key is to get the right SW. One that really understands.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Stepping on some toes is not a bad thing... you are doing a great job keep up the good work!!! We are here to offer a hug and listen.


Took stepping on a few toes

It makes me crazy that we have to jump through so many hoops to get our kids help, but whatever works.

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:warrior: Good job!

I so understand the stepping on toes & jumping through hoops to find our children help. It's disheartening.

I'm so glad that you were able to continue this exhaustive search for help.

Keeping body parts crossed that all the hoops you maneuvered helps your difficult child. :flower:


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I hope you can get somewhere with the SW. Services in Canada are awful. I think BC is the worst. There is nothing here. Ive done my research and there does seem to be more in Alberta, although havent come across the place you are talking about. I have couple links to other resources there that Ive been able to dig up on the net if you want them.

Let me know.



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Anything you can offer would be great. She took off again this weekend. We were supposed to go away and now I am back on the hampster wheel. Called the number they gave me and he listened very sympathetically for 10 minutes and then said, I don't know you or your daughter so it wouldn't really be appropriate for me to give you any advice. But once you get a permanent worker they can start getting everything sorted out. You could have knocked me over with a feather, call if you have any problems this weekend and then nothing.


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I can only imagine how disappointed you were with the call. on the other hand
many in the CD family have had NO number to call and NO voice on
the other end to listen sympathetically.

You're doing a great job as a Warrior Mom. Would you like some
polish via cyber space so you feel refreshed??? Hugs. DDD


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We have been through the ringer with my difficult child. She is now 16.5 and I really dont think that its going to get any better. Long story for another time.