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    I have to struggle with difficult child to get him to brush his teeth. Complains of the after taste and stays with him all day, yada, yada, yada.

    A friend who has similiar struggle said she bought Lemon or Vanilla toothpaste and her son now brushes without that complaint. She said Crest makes it.

    I can't find it. Has anyone ever seen it or have the similar experience?

    difficult child now won't drink milk. Not even chocolate, which he use to. Gives him a bad taste.
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    Crest makes whitening expressions. It comes in Bold cinnamon, extreme herbal mint (tastes like spearmint to me), Citrus blast and refreshing vanilla mint. The mint in the vanilla is very very light. It kinda tastes like vanilla frosting with a bit of mint in it.

    The walmart page will need you to put your zipcode in to find it in a store in your area. You can ask your store to get it in if no store in your area carries it.

    If the problem is long-lasting, he may need a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Esp if he has braces or got braces off in the last few months. Teeth are often sensitive for months after braces come off.

    Sensodyne toothpaste tastes gross. The crest sensitivity is pretty good. The new "iso active" foaming toothpaste sounds interesting but I have not yet tried it.

    You also might try some of the Wisp thingies. They are mini toothbrushes with a little toothpaste in them. They also have a pick on the other end to get stuff stuck in braces and teeth out. They don't have a lot of toothpaste, and are not a substitute for regular brushing, but they would be better than nothing. They are with the floss.
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    How about the bubblegum flavors?? Do they still make them? My kids loved it.

    I have empathy for him. After brushing I can't seem to get rid of the after taste and it effects everything that goes into my mouth for hours. ewwww
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    Does he take his medications with milk or chocolate milk? My difficult child said she could not drink water without tasting her medications.

    I have never seen the flavored toothpaste.