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    I failed my 1st exam. Pharm of course. :( I did it with style. I got a 62...the lowest grade in the class. And to make me feel better?? The guy who is the basic goof off......puts not so much effort in and makes only average grades......slammed dunked it.:faint: Doesn't that just make me feel peachy.

    I studied for it. I'll grant you I didn't feel confident going into the exam. Pharm is hard and we're getting basically NO instruction. We get an online lecture *cough* if you can call it that and a power point presentation.....of which the instructor is reading from. I listened to that lecture multiple times. I read the chapters. I made note cards. I studied her darn power point. And I still flunked. ugh!

    But no, I didn't get to put the time into studying it as I normally would have because I was also busy trying to catch up in the other 2 nursing classes, one of which we had an exam in that I only managed to pass with a 78. Anything below a 77 is failing.

    Yes. I passed that one. And that is a good thing. But this is not a good start to the quarter.:ashamed:

    And now our Pharm instructor sent to us directly from hades has decided to not only have an exam each week, but to have a quiz on the chapters she assigns for the following week at the same time. As if learning 2 chapters at a time wasn't bad it's 4 basically as we know what her "quizes" are like. :faint:

    Maybe it's because I missed that week. But we're going at twice the speed of last quarter with twice as hard of material to learn. The sheer volume of it all can be overwhelming if you don't force yourself to take it one thing at a time.

    I tell you I looked at that pharm test and not hardly anything I studied was there. All last quarter she'd focused mainly on her power points. That exam she focused on the book......and I'm even wondering if it was the same book. Must have been as the others seemed to do just fine.

    Crud. I'm going to be living and breathing pharm this quarter. Somehow I'll have to try to squeeze in fundamentals and medication surg.

    Today's studying didn't amount to much. husband let me over sleep until noon. That took away 4 hours of study. His brother and wife are in town and wanted to visit. That took another 3. easy child called and said Darrin is missing Nana so bad he was crying for me. So I watched the boys for the hour lay over from when sister in law goes to work and easy child gets home.

    I managed a whopping 2 hrs of studying.:faint: I told husband if he lets me over sleep again I'm going to skin him alive. It doesn't matter if I need the sleep. There are only so many hours in the day and I need them to study! Good grief, reading one chapter can take up to 2-3 hrs!

    It's only til august...............blech!
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    I believe you've recently been very ill & your body will demand sleep if you refuse to get the rest you need.

    I'm sorry you failed the pharm exam - there are other exams. I know it's a pain but your health is more important to me & many others than that darned exam.

    Do you get the feeling we love you around here??????
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    Yes Linda. I feel the love. :D I know I'm still recovering from the pneumonia. (man it's taking a long time!) It just irks me to put in all that time and effort only to bomb the darn test.

    I hope with all this extra sleep I've had in the past few days my body will finally feel caught up. Friday I came home from clinical and crashed for 5-6 hrs. husband was supposed to wake me after 2 hrs so I could do homework....but let me sleep. I went back to bed around 12 (after getting up from that nap at 10 pm) and other than a few coughing interruptions slept until noon yesterday. I went to bed at 11 or so last night and woke up at 8am this morning.

    That's more sleep than I had all week! So hopefully I'm caught up now. The cough has finally loosened up and I'm hoping that is a sign it's at it's end. And I'm avoiding sick people as if they have the plague. Except on clinical where I can't. And getting annoyed at the instructor who keeps giving me pneumonia patients. ugh!

    I'm nearly caught up with my studies now. If anyone really can be in this program. easy child tries to help but she forgets that I'm not getting pharm in 4 quarters like she did in the RN program. I'm getting it in 2 quarters. We're doing what she did condensed into a year. The pace is super fast while the work load is the same.

    At least I feel rested this morning. Off to crack the pharm book. :)

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    Aww, Daisy...that is so frustrating. That is why I have never been a test person being either the receiver or giver. I never put much faith in them as a teacher. I'd rather see what you can do on a daily basis.

    I had a student one year just like the goof off you described. He drove me nuts!!! Didn't do one lick of required work but would ace every test I'd give. Little bugger.

    Get rest. You'll do better next time.

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    I agree with the others. All you can do is rest and get better. You will ace the next one!
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    Im so sorry Lisa. This is why I dont think I can go back to school. You are a better woman than I.