Totoro, kidlet report?


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I have been thinking about you guys and wondered how the kidlets are doing?

How is K holding up? N? How are you doing?

I am always thinking about that precious kid.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Oh thank you Janet!!!
I am sitting here trying to fight off a migraine!!! Yippeeee... Inlaws are due on Friday :hammer:

I am OK... despite it all! K is OK. I have been running to try and keep here mind occupied. She has gone from depressed the passed couple of weeks... well she was in her mixed state continously, but more depressed. So now it has become more elevated, she is becoming slightly manic... can not stop. Racing mind, going, going. She was so wound up today it was unnerving- she passed out at 1 and slept 45 minutes and then up until just a little bit ago. I had to run her ragged though. In the sprinkler, hottub, shower.

N is hanging in there. She hit the wall and actually slept in this morning, 8:30. She is a 5-6 waker... so she was tired!
K is still aggitated and I am trying to walk gently with her until all of this chaos is over. I told her we might be going to a special "camp" for other kids with BiPolar (BP) and roller coaster feelings... she thought that sounded cool. I told her it would be after her Birthday. She seemed to like the idea.

I set up a space in my closet for her to hide in and she has been trying, to go there. Usually after the fact.
The bite marks are fading on my arms... I am looking forward with fear and hope for these next 3 weeks.
I think N is going to Chicago with Daddy... and some Grandma and Pappa time. Which will be good. It will be for the first week, then home. Me and Kendall will hole up in the Hotel in Spokane and have some special times for just us. It will be my first time alone, in I don't know how long. Maybe over a year. Actual me time. I had an actual dinner a few months ago with husband but me time, it has been a long time.
So K and I will both hopefully do some healing.

Thanks so much for asking. :flower: