Transferring while on an IEP

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by klmno, Apr 8, 2009.

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    If a student transfers from one jurisdiction to another within a state, and is on an iep when he's transferred, can the new sd automatically evaluation the student to see if he is still eligible to have an iep? Or does the sd have to wait until the next triennial review is due?
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    i have no idea, i just wanted to read your post and wish you luck getting the info. good question.
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    New school district in same state has to:
    1. Provide comparable service (as determined by old IEP) while they perform an evaluation. There is no need to wait till the next triennial.
    2. OR adopt the current IEP as their own.
    3. OR make current IEP their own with modifications.

    Sorry this was so fast. On my way out the door. I'll double-check this to be sure.
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    klmno, Superpsy was right. When we got residential of the kids and they moved to our SD they adopted difficult child 2's IEP until we called a meeting (two weeks after school started) and began working on a new IEP. Turned out his old one was for speech only. No wonder it wasn't helping him. There is a lot of stuff on his new one and he is improving by leaps and bounds. But the new SD has to work with you on this.
  5. Superpsy

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    Just an addition...I think the need for a new evaluation for in-state transfers is determined by the new district's IEP team.
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    Thanks, Superspy! I spoke with someone in our state yesterday. Apparently, since difficult child is currently in state custody, going to a dept of corrections school, he is considered in a different sd. But, according to this man (who is in charge of IEPs there), when a kid goes back to a public school, the school can elect to re-evaluation the kid, BUT, they cannot take the difficult child off the IEP without the parent's signed agreement, even if the sd's re-evaluation finds the kid ineligible if the kid has been on an IEP. difficult child's IEP from dept of corrections will remain in effect until a signed new one is in place. I hope that info is correct because I can see this sd trying to convince that I HAVE to sign that if they find him ineligible. Anyway, I have some time to verify that's really the law here before difficult child comes home.