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Sorry guys this post is mostly about ex and will probably be long. Ex is supposed to use e-mail or court appointed 3rd party to contact me. He is calling my parents and grandparents. He called my grandfather today saying he won't be able to make the Wed. visit. He claims to have called the 3rd party and emailed. Ex said he was just making sure all bases were covered. He lied. He hasn't e-mialed me and if he had called the 3rd party the first thing they would've done is call me. They haven't called yet. The court won't take the word of my family, so ex can say what ever he wants and there is no record of it. I bet he is hoping that I don't show at the drop off place tommorrow. Then he can accuse me of denial of visitation. Instead what I am going to do is call the 3rd party explain what is going on and see what they say. Next time we go to court this is going to be an issue. I'm just mad and venting. I have not been happy to live with. The trap is so transparent.


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So sorry.

I am so glad I dont have to deal with my EX and that visitation was never an issue because he never wanted to be bothered. He never wanted to be bothered with supporting the child either but oh well.

I feel for people who have to battle like this.

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Well, in TX you can record any conversation as long as one person in the conversation knows it is being recorded.
Go to Radio Shack and buy your family members a cheap $10 mini tape recorder. Get the little attachment that hooks onto the phone for about $5 more. When he calls any of them, have them record the call. You have proof of anything he says to them.

I have beend divorced going on 9 years. I haven't had a conversation with my ex in 9 years that wasn't recorded. They even record well when stuck inside your purse on face to face meetings. :thumb:

I have been through so much in the last 9 years. i don't trust my ex as far as I can throw him.



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Thank you for your support. I know this isn't a divorce forum, but I don't have anyone else to talk to that I'm sure it won't get back to ex. Thank you.


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I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. I've been there done that and all I can say to to stick to your guns, record everything you can, and document, Document, DOCUMENT! Everything! For more than two years I kept VERY detailed journals with times and dates of every phone call, every visit, the kids comments, any contact at all. Every little scrap of information went in there. And it came in extremely handy more than once!

Having to second-guess and play games where your children are involved is a genuine PITA! Just having to sit there trying to anticipate his next move, to figure out what he was planning or what his hidden motives were was exhausting! Are you sure you didn't marry my ex? Smug expression, thinning hair, beer-belly...? :cool:


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I'm sorry your ex is being a large jackass. I really hate when one parent uses the kids to try hurt the other. It ain't the kids fault - just love your kids and be with them - leave the adult stuff between the adults. I hope he figures that out.


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Document, even if it is just a little appointment. book that you scribble in. It's important! DDD