Travis is 21

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Travis turned 21 on the 8th of June. :grin:

I'd have posted on his birthday, but I had clinicals and then had to sit and write a 5 page paper. :hammer:

Clinicals also messed up us doing anything special on his birthday.

I tried to get son in law to take Travis out for a night of fun. But Melissa nixed the idea cuz Son in law kept teasing he was going to take Travis to a strip club. lol

Darrin bought his uncle Travis a dinosaur cake. :rofl: Travis has been tring to spark Darrin's interest in dinosaurs since xmas. So Darrin has it in his head that uncle Travis LOVES dinosaurs. When he saw the cake at the store he told Melissa, "This cake is PERFECT uncle Travis!" lmao

(Darrin thinks it's his job to pick out the family birthday cakes)

Last night husband did find some steaks really cheap at the store, so we grilled out and Travis got a delicous steak dinner for his belated birthday supper.

Still have to scrounge up money for a gift. :frown: With husband only working the temp job and the cost of living up so high, money is becoming a major issue around here. Heck, I've not even been able to buy Nichole's graduation gift yet. :frown:

by the way for those wondering, Travis is still waiting to speak with that manager. The manager was too busy on friday and Travis is now supposed to speak with him tomorrow.


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Happy Birthday Travis!

They sure are growing up arent they? I didnt realize he and Cory's birthdays were so close to each others. LOL. Cory turns 21 in July.


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Thanks for anticipating my question about Travis meeting with the boss, Lisa. I hope the meeting can take place this week and that being rehired is one of his birthday gifts. :grin:

Happy Birthday, Travis!!!



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Happy Birthday Travis
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