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Well, this may have helped him sleep better, but yet the violence came back :( The Clonidine hes going back on tonight! He now is refusing the Clonidine because its 3x a day instead of 1x like trazadone and he claims it didnt help that much for sleep. Anyone have any issues with this medication? Share please?

Ill update more on his dr appts later as we have some time there with them.

Thinking of you all, welcome new comers.


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Medication is not a science, it's an art. Our psychiatrist is a teaching doctor, and he says it's the hardest thing to get through the heads of his students. A human body is not like a machine, and the brain is way more complex and delicate than the rest of the human body. We can't even get pain medication to a science. Psychiatric medications require a delicate balance between the various diagnoses, the unknown diagnoses (things they haven't recognized in this person, or things that we don't even know about yet), differences in the way medicine is managed by the body and by the brain, differences in side effects...

Even the new tests can only tell so much about how a body will react...

But I still hate trial-and-error, because it seems to be more error than success.


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I am not an advocate of taking a child on and off medications. To me it is playing Russian Roulette with their developing brains for the very reasons Insane mentioned. Please do not adjust medicines ( types and dosages) with-o first consulting with a medical professional. These medications were not developed for children whose brains are still developing. Just my honest opinion.


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Insane, Your so right! I also dont like trial and error either.

pasajes, I also agree with you, the medications can be/ are dangerous, even the OTC. I already have talked to the DR and he said go back on the Clonidine. I really wish there was a way around the medications, I want him off - but therapy alone isnt enough for his anger.


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`You know I can only speak for myself here. I agree with Insane and PASA about medication for children, and for adults for that matter.

I take 2 Benadryl to sleep. It works better than Ambien. I do not feel groggy the next day. I figure that something given for allergies (I have them) for small children is OK. Even this concerns me somewhat but I am not in the space to not sleep, or to battle not sleeping.



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Hi, Confused. Missed you.

My son Bart was given that for sleep and he hated it so much for how depressed and crabby it made him and he tossed the pills down the toilet. So your son is not the only one.

I really think some people have something "off" in their brain chemistry (myself included) and we need medications to function normally. But they have to be the right medications and it took me a long time to find the right ones. Bart went off all his medications and is doing fine, but this is not the case for everyone. For now, I think your doctor gave good advice.

Hope everything is better for YOU :)


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My new psychiatrist stuck me on 100mg of Trazadone nightly ON TOP of the 30mg of Temazepam I've been taking for sleep for years.

I was still having trouble sleeping. Well, the trazadone helps, I sort of sleep in 2 hour shifts, but that's an improvement.

The problem with the trazadone is that I wake up in a complete fog, and either that, or the Latuda she put me on, or both, have trashed my short term memory to the point that by the time dinner time rolls around, I've forgotten what I had for lunch.

I don't like the side effects of trazadone at all. I wouldn't be able to work taking this as a sleep aid due to the duration of the "hangover"

I haven't noticed any increase in irritability or aggression on trazadone, though, nor have I noticed a slide towards hypomania, which concerned me as it's an antidepressant.

The jury is still out on the Latuda.

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difficult child was on Trazadone for a very short bit for sleep, but ended up switching to Clonidine because with Trazadone being an AD it ramped up his mania.

I tried Trazadone and loved it for sleep but had horrible side effect of diarrhea.