Trumps daughters lips????????


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When she did the announcement about calling to vote for the person headed to the tent, her mouth moved oddly and then :rolleyes: I thought "duh, she must have had her lips
puffed" :doctor:??? She is such a beautiful girl. Why would she mess with her lips????? DDD


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<span style="color: #660000">i didn't notice either, but it's not necessarily true she had something done to her lips. her voiceover might have been ever so slightly out of sinc with-what she was saying. it happens sometimes, esp if you have cable.

kris </span>


The kid was a model, her mother was a model, there's no doubt in my mind that a couple botox injections every few months would be on their schedule. I know that Trump and his first wife Ivana, not to mention the second Marla, were more well known in NYC back in those days, but Ivana spared no expense to keep herself in haute couture. Trump's joke then was that she ran the Plaza (very well and profitably) under a contract that said that her salary was "all the dresses she could buy". Last time I saw a picture of Ivana she looked as young as ever and had a boyfriend decades younger. I don't recall that she ever denied plastic surgery.