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This site should have a t-shirt for sale. Perhaps a picture of a warrior Mom or Dad in armour on the front and front could read "Warrior Mom or Dad of a Gift from God" and the back could have the website's address. I would buy one and wear it proudly!


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I just registered with this site and this is the first chat I've ever participated in. I have a 22 yr. old son with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and a low IQ. He's had some serious setbacks lately and is now living with me. I'm a single parent and have done all I could in the past to get him the help he needs. He's very combative and negative and wants to blame me for most of his actions. Any help or advice?


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I loved your other quote "I used to love rollercoasters, until my life became one!" LMAO! I'd buy that!

We should set up a CafePress.com site and the proceeds could benefit the site. :wink:


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After my divorce I had a little over one nice year living alone. I never got bored or lonesome. Now my 22 yr old son is living with me and I'm finding that I don't miss my time alone yet. He's very high maintenance and I have to stay on my toes.
Right now he's living with me in my one room studio apt. There's no where to go to get away from him except the extremely small bathroom with no airconditioning! I've had to walk out and take a walk or leave in my car. He's wearing me out and I don't always know how to handle his explosive temper and rants. He can go on and on for an hour or more mostly repeating the same stuff. If I even make a facial expression in reaction to something he's said, he will go off even more. So far this morning, things are okay. He left to run some errands so I have a little peace. A friend recently suggested that I find a support group for myself. I can't believe I never thought of that. I've always worked on getting help for him and never thought that there might be some help for me which in turn would benefit him, I hope. Any advice or empathy out there?


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Hi Kaf....

First of all welcome to the board! You will definitely find a lot of support here! In order to get the best response from our group, I would suggest you post an email all of your own.. You could copy the one above, and just post it, with a title stating that you are new, etc. Once you do that, lots of people will be by to welcome you, and share their input.
Glad you joined us!


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Alison, Iana.........

I am all for the t-shirt idea. Alison, what is cafepress?
I am always telling people about how great this site it - a t-shirt would be another great way to let people know there is support for us warrior moms.


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I like the t-shirt idea, too. I think I already jokingly placed my order for the Rollercoaster one! Having the site on the shirt would be good, too. I have given the site name out to a few people along the way, but I am pretty careful not to tell sd staff, etc. because I wouldn't want them snooping. lol


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Hey all,

I'm going to move this post over to the watercooler for additional discussion.

We did, at one time, have ceramic coffee mugs as well as plastic travel ones advertising our site as "A soft place to land". Our fearless leader and previous site owner, Fran, filled her garage with the stock!

I suggest you contact our site owner with your idea as she owns the rights to the site name and such.

It's a good idea if it is financially supported by the members.