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    wm came to visit this past Thursday afternoon - wasn't much of a visit. It was more about his Christmas gifts than anything. He was ready to leave after he opened his presents with an "oh, by the way I forgot your gift & your birthday gift".

    kt had a fairly typical pass - she & I spent time on making a collage to honor husband. She asked if she could get a number off her cell phone & check her vmail. I told her she had 5 minutes. After that 5 minutes the phone went missing - hmmmmmm, very mysterious. kt went upstairs (very naive my girl) thinking she had gotten away with something & I sat down here & shut down her access. kt knew the conditions for the home pass this weekend. She also knows & agrees that her cell phone gets her in trouble.

    Long story short, ktbug came downstairs mumbling under her breath - told me she was just in a bad mood. I held my hand out for her phone & she handed it to me.

    "Don't take me for a fool, baby girl - it won't work".

    After that little incident we got busy with this project & made dinner together.

    I took her back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) this afternoon with a sigh of relief, knowing this is her last weekend pass - next week ktbug is home for good. Not sure I'm ready for it but life moves on.

    My little darlings are a wonder to behold. Lots of typical teen stuff combined with more Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) stuff. About ready to shake the stuffing out of the both of them.
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    I'm sorry it didn't go better. Good one shutting the phone down.
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    typical teen/6 year old/Bam Bam/Happy Gilmore.

    Sorry it wasn't a better visit.
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    It must be so stressful dealing with the things kt tries to pull on these brief visits....and KNOWING that in a few short days she will be home for good.

    What have you been doing to prepare?
  5. timer lady

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    DF, there will be in home services; some PCA hours, more Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) hours. In home therapy.

    kt's cell phone is (to her consternation) programmed for certain hours & certain numbers she can call. She will have to earn it back (trust issues after her last run). However, I want it out & about if she decides to run. It has GPS on it & we can find her quickly.

    There is a "Plan B" being put in place - a MITH home. Cannot remember what that stands for but that is the Plan B.

    kt knows what will happen if she runs or continues negative behaviors that impact my health. The line in the sand has been drawn, so to speak.

    We'll see how it goes starting Friday.
  6. DaisyFace

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    I'm sorry, Linda....I should have been more specific.

    I am worried about YOU. How are YOU preparing yourself for kt's return home?

    Are you still feeling anxious? Do you feel more confident now that you have certain supports in place?

    Do you have what you need in place for YOU if things get stressful? A quiet respite? Someplace to escape if you need a break?

    In other words, in all of this planning....I hope that your needs for calm and de-stressing are being met, too.