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    so as many of you know difficult child and i are leaving next week for oregon. husband had to open a new line of credit to charge the flight, the down payment to admit her, the rental car, and any other expenses we're incurring.

    i had asked ex h if he could help out and his answer was well i'm getting evicted from my apt. in about a mos. so no. lol. omg is all i can say.

    so his mother my ex mother in law was facebooking me. she said oh dont worry we'll help. i thought ok i've never taken a dime from them and it'll help us. because husband will be stuck trying to pay it down, at some point it has to stop.

    last treatment was cost of hotels, gas, food, you name it and i think he kicked in 150 towards it which was absolutely nothing in comparison to what was spent.

    so i email his mom and tell her the amts we spent hoping from what she said she'd email back and say oh ok i can give you x amt of dollars. husband kept saying itl'll never happen, i was like she literally said she'd help out.

    well he was right. i never got a response email, and to boot out of blue i get a random thing on my facebook wall just wishing us a happy new year. WTF.

    people amaze me. they truly do. i'm betting husband had no idea what he was in store for financially with us. actually this is the third time. years ago we had the neuropysch testing done zero towards that also husband put it on his credit card.

    so wrong. than the fact that ex h had the nerve to dictate to us how we should get there. than last nite he texts he wants to see difficult child before we go and yes i have to get my child support check. so i mention the cost of staying at the ronald mcdonald house and the flight costs his response your trying to rob me that's not true.

    i got texts 53 to be exact last night from him. so i told husband i think i have to block his number from my phone somehow when i'm out there. he'll drive me nuts i can't handle that. yet can i block it yet still be able to have difficult child call him once a week off that same phone? we gotta call verizon tmrw
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    Good Grief! I'm sorry. DDD
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    I just want to send hugs and let you know I will keep u and your family in my prayers. Hugs Rabbit
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    Jena, you have so much going on right now. I wish there were some way I could help you and your family. I hope you get some answers and wish you the best.
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    Ugh I feel weary for you hun...hang in there...it shows husband truly loves you guys :)
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    i'm sorry, Jena. I can't believe that XH won't help with the costs of getting your daughter (meaning your and HIS daughter) well.