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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, May 1, 2008.

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    So....I had a typing/data entry test for a possible job this morning. I did good on the typing portion...72 wpm with 0 mistakes (gotta love allowable backspacing!). The data entry portion I got (eeesh...I don't remember exactly), I think about 920-ish characters per minute. I'm not sure how that is though as I'm not familiar with what "good" numbers are for data entry. (It was alpha/numeric...I would have done much better had it all been numbers). Anyhoo, I got done and the lady gave me a paper with a website and directions. It is for a personality test to do when I got home. :rofl:

    This thing was hysterical. It had three parts. Pt. 1 I was to check words that others have used to describe me. Funny....words I thought should be there, weren't. You know....psycho, weird, unique (My high school yearbooks are FILLED with people saying I was unique), twisted, etc. Of course then I had to check words that I would use to describe myself. UGH! I hate those types of things. My view of me and other's view of me don't always mesh.

    The last section required me to write a description about myself. WTH??? What are you supposed to put there???? siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

    The actual interviews are next week so any naked chicken liver dances would be appreciated!
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    I'm not a fan of those personality tests either. Glad you did so well on the typing part, and I'll be dancing for you!
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    I had to take one of those personality tests once. I failed it, I guess, since I didn't get the job. LOL!!

    Good Luck!!!
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    OK, here what I would write for you.

    "I am a strong self-self starter who is able to adapt quickly to new situations. I have a keen sense of humor and I am able to roll with the punches. My son will soon be on his own, so I look forward to a time that soon that I am able to ease out of the "parental" role, and back into the role of "Mstang67Chic", independent woman."
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    A few years ago -

    I went to an interview at 4:30 in the morning. It was a high profile job being the assistant to the administrator of a well-known health organization. I was dressed to the teeth - (pearl drops) lol.

    I got called back for the second interview - after having to do a typing and MS Office test. I aced that part - filing, having to deal with distractions while I was testing - all very coy.

    So in the second 5:00 AM interview - I walk in and I was to sit in a chair in the middle of the interview tables (shaped like a horseshoe). And I'm answering questions - smiling, doing the best job ever! I KNEW I had that job.

    UNTIL - one of the men asked the most redundant question I had ever been asked in an interview - (ready?) "If you were a cartoon character which one would you be and why?"

    And I sat there and said "Am I a Disney, Hanna Barbera, etc...character?" and the man said "Any one you please which would you be and why?" and So not to be caught off guard I said "My favorite character has always been Scooby Doo, so I'd be him. And I would be him because he faces the unknown every day and does it despite his fears, yet is loyal and happy."

    I thought well whatever -

    And I BOMBED.....Apparently this man had gone on line to some interview/ personality thing and found that people who answered strong characters like Mickey Mouse, Or Bugs Bunny were leaders. I scoured the internet - and apparently Scooby Do was considered, a follower, not a leader.

    OH FOR PITY SAKE - I'm a Leo - ask me about being a leader.

    But no - and my Mother was in "slap hand over forehead" mode when I told her because apparently SHE had gotten that same 'test' on line from a friend.

    She told me I would not get the job - they were looking for Bugs Bunny -

    And.....I didn't. Apparently they gave it to a woman who had seen the internet thing. And I thought - Well if she's spending that much time on the internet - ????? But alas......Now I know - I'm Bugs Bunny - (personally I always thought he was a trickster)

    Good luck with job hunting.
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    I would think 920 characters per minute would be very good. Most data entry jobs require 8,000 kph (keystrokes per hour). I do about 18,000 kph so it's not hard to do.

    As far as the personality test goes....I hate them and I don't know if I would want to work for a company stupid enough to rely on those things. I interviewed for one company when I lived in Atlanta when I was 18. First of all, they had an 'overwhelming' response to their ad for a receptionist so they held these interviews where a room full of interviewees answered questions together. It was kind of like fighting to get your answer in...fighting for the job. Then I got called back for a second interview, which consisted of a personality test. One of the questions was: When you are under stress do you have A) constipation B) diarrhea C) neither D) both. I wrote in E) none of your business and walked out. I just kept think about my bowel movements being part of my permanent personnel file. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, good luck!
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    :redface: This thread brings back some funny memories from "back in the day" when I interviewed. Thanks for making me smile.

    Back in the 60's my difficult child sister and her best friend "heard" that
    the major airline was hiring counter service people. They applied and were hired. At their insistance I subsequently applied and didn't pass the "psychiatric" test. I could NOT figure
    out the "right" answer to the following question:

    "If you were choosing to commit suicide would you:
    (1) Stab yourself.
    (2) Take an overdose of pills.
    (3) Shoot your brains out.
    (4) Jump out of a plane.

    :holymoly: I still don't know the right answer! My sis and her buddy said "I don't think that question was on our test." yikes.

    The 2nd test including listing your favorite colors. I passed that test but the interviewer (it was a Personnel Office) whispered to me "Phew" I was afraid you were going to list black or purple in your top ten. That indicates suicide risk!

    OMG! No wonder I decided never to work for anyone else. LOL! DDD
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Wynter - ROFLM (e) AO.

    too true, too true.
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    Those personality tests are a real hoot!

    Years ago I used to work for a recruiter, and I had to ADMINISTER those personality tests. Once, just as a lark, I took the test myself. My score said that I was a maverick and a troublemaker.

    (Now I'm a bit mischievous, but sheesh!)