UGGH! Laundry mishap!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jbrain, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. jbrain

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    I just discovered that I sent difficult child 2/easy child's 3 week old Sanza Fuse MP3 player through the washing machine! It was in her jeans' pocket I guess. I am planning to have her pay half to replace it and I will pay half--figure we are both at fault. She didn't check her pockets and I didn't either (I usually check all pockets but I was in a hurry). The only good thing is that it wasn't an IPOD, which would cost a lot more! Still, I am really mad at both of us!!
  2. DammitJanet

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    Ooops! I did that with a cellphone once. Luckily for me I managed to dry it out and it worked again. I have heard that if you dont turn these things on and put them in uncooked rice and let them sit a couple of days that they MAY dry out. When I did it I dried mine with a hair dryer then left it sitting on a window sill for 2 or 3 days.
  3. Kjs

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    That is one of my pet peeves. After markers, crayons and gum going through the washer and dryer (that was a mess with gum) I took duct tape and taped the front and back of the washer cover and wrote "check pockets" .

    I usually always check their pockets. When the above happened husband did the wash. I got stuck with the clean-up.

    My rule is - - - whatever is in the pockets when I check becomes MY property. If it is money, it is mine. If it is a Note - school/friend note - I read it. Both my kids grumbled about that. I just told them if they don't want me to read it, check your pockets. It is MINE once it hits the laundry basket down the shoot.

    That tells you how long this has been going on. easy child is 26!

    I had a jar for all my money I found. Then I noticed my jar was going down. So I have a secret hiding place. I bet I have $100 in there now. Someday I'll go buy myself something, on them!

    It isn't your fault. That is one area I don't bend on. It is there fault. It drives me insane.

    Other sign I put up (really tacky) is I put that same duct tape on the inside of the toilet lid and wrote FLUSH. Didn't work either.
  4. jbrain

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    that is a good idea about the signs--my husband has them up all over the place and we tease him about it--looks like I will join him now!

    I will try to dry it out and if it does work I will just keep it for myself since I kind of want an mp3 player of my own.

    Thanks for the sympathy you guys!

  5. rejectedmom

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    Awwwwwwww Jane. That Hoovers! I have washed many things over the years the worst was a ballpoint pen. It ruined the entire washload. I finally gave the job over to each indivitual in the house making everyone do their own laundry. This way I am never the one to have to replace things. It seems to have worked LOL. -RM
  6. AnnieO

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    Finders keepers is our rule. I've made more money...

    Unchewed gum gets chewed up by the washer, by the way! It is our rule that if you don't check your own pockets - I won't - and if something in your pockets ruins the washer or someone else's clothes, you pay for it.

    husband had to replace the agitator after his multitool got stuck.

    difficult child 1 had to hand-scrub a bunch of difficult child 2's clothes after she left a PINK lipstick in a pocket.

    difficult child 2 had to clean the washer, dryer, and laundry room floor after he left half a deck of cards in his pocket. Those things shred into teensy bits!

    I got to feel stupid when I found my lip balm. Fortunately it had a screw-on lid.
  7. SRL

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    My son's ipod went through the washer and survived. If you haven't already, don't turn it on. Let it dry out for a full week (without turning it on) and then check it again at the end of that time.

    My husband's cell phone was salvaged after being washed too.
  8. DaisyFace

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    I have washed a number of things that should not have been left in pockets. I have the "Washer Gets to Keep" rule, too--but sometimes I miss things. husband recently left a black marker in his pocket. Guess who's clothes got ruined with that one? MINE!! Arrgghhh!! I was SO angry. At HIM for leaving such a thing in his pocket and ME for missing it.

    I feel your pain!

  9. 'Chelle

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    I missed a crayon in my easy child's new jeans, her 2nd time wearing them. Melted very nicely in the dryer. Thankfully they must have stayed "folded together" mostly, because there were only a couple smudges on the inside of one other pair of jeans in the dryer with them. Her jeans had a huge circle of melted crayon on them. I am in luck however. :bigsmile: My sis owns a dry cleaners, and is a genius at cleaning stuff, and got all the melted crayon out. You'd never have know what happened.
  10. flutterby

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    So sorry, Jane.

    I don't check pockets. If it goes through, not my problem.

    So far, though, the only thing I've found is chapstick and guitar picks. The money I keep...figure it's a tip. :D
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    By any chance did you have insurance on it? From where you bought it?

    Also - sending it back to the company that made it - may be quite less expensive than replacing it.

    Call their customer service and check.

    Who do you gals live with that has ANY money in their pockets to claim in the wash? :surprise: