Ugh - Election year!

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    I have very strong feelings about politics. I like to think that I am an educated person and that I make balanced decisions. When I was younger, I felt comfortable talking about my beliefs, and even debating in the spirit of keeping an open mind. In my opinion, those days are gone for now. I hope that they will return. I think that for now, my opinion matters in the ballot box, in my donations, and in my charitable donations/public service.

    I feel that there is a lot of hyperbolic meanness surrounding politics in the past 15 - 20 years. When I hear or see this type of stuff, I generally do my best to ignore it, and consider the source.

    I may have written about this neighbor the last election period. We are part of a neighborhood watch, and I am in charge of the telephone/e-mail tree. She's a serial e-mail forwarder. She never writes anything herself, it's always something forwarded, and often supportive of the polar opposite of my religious or political view. I've mentioned it to her personally, to no avail. I usually delete whatever she sends, but feel that I can't tell her that I have a different e-mail address because everyone else on the block - neighborhood watch list - uses my real e-mail. I can't really block her for safety reasons. If something were to be going on in her end of the block, since I am the watch captain, I need to know.

    Yesterday morning I got into my e-mail to find the usual 5 forwarded messages from D. Once in a great while they're funny, so since they open up as I delete them I generally look at the first sentence. One of the notes she sent yesterday was absolutely the most racist ignorant religiously bigoted sexist idiotic things I had ever seen. I would call it hate mail. I wrote back and said "D- I haven't made up my mind yet, but I do know I am not voting for X (the one she supports)." She wrote back "Well, none of them are worth voting for." Huh? Then why slander the one?

    Since I really have no workable option to block her, I decided to do my best to tell her to leave me off of her forwarding list without offending her. I'm not in a position to offend her without causing conflict for a lot of other people as collateral damage. This is what I wrote to her. Is it snotty? I always worry when I write things that aren't what people might want to hear, I'll come across as aggressive. I don't think I was, but I'd like your opinions as to the tone of the letter. I am comfortable with that I am not lying to her about or blocking her from my e-mail, so if you disagree with that, I don't need to know. ;)


    I do wish that the choices were different, but they are what they are and one of them will be our President. That being said, I think that you and I have different opinions on what we would like to see happen. I have pretty strong opinions about the country's current politics and about religious freedoms. Once I get started I can be pretty blunt, so I make a point of not sending out those types of e-mails, and I try very hard to not respond to them. I prefer to let my ballot and campaign contributions do the talking. Otherwise, I would probably offend people when that's really not necessary or productive. I would be much more comfortable if you didn't include me in these types of mailings. I hope you will understand.

    husband and I are going to Mexico beginning Monday and returning late on the 7th of April. K and R will be watching the dogs, and I may have a friend staying at the house. If Ms. M does stay, there will be a green Subaru Outback around. Otherwise, no "moving sales" or "taking things to the dump for husband and Witzend" if you know what I mean!

    Have a great Easter!


    That's not rude, is it? Just doing my best to set the rules, right?
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    I think you worded it very nicely. It is so hard to tolerate some of the blatantly false things that are circulated during election periods. Because many people feel very strongly about elections it seems to bring out the worst in the serial forwarders.

    You were polite, matter of fact, and the request was reasonable. If she has a problem, maybe she is not terribly balanced? I hope you enjoy your trip!

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    We're definitely going to enjoy our trip! husband and I had a therapist session today, and husband has agreed to do some research on the internet, or in Mazatlan when we get there, and plan an outing or two. That leaves me with the other 13 days to plan! LOL!

    You know, this neighbor is really outwardly a sweet woman. Her kids are total difficult children, but who am I to judge? But she has always been kind and helpful and we have joined each other for social functions, etc. It's like she's got an alter-ego or something!
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    I have found the topics of religion, politics and abortion should never be aired I can get pretty much up on my high horse about my views on all of them and since not everyone believes as I do (shock!) I know I would offend someone.

    As far as the election...Im just down in the dumps since my man Fred Thompson isnt going to I did see a cute bumper sticker the other day that said "Fred Thompson for DA!" I thought that was just too cute.
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    The guy I would have wanted was out of the race a long time ago, so I don't get to vote for him. But, as our Primary isn't until May, that's the way it usually goes for me, my guy's not on the ballot.
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    Hey, ladies!

    For obvious reasons we don't discuss politics here. We've learned it usually goes bad pretty fast so let's put a stop to this now. You are of course welcome to take your thoughts to email...but do so at your own risk. :clubbing:

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    I can't stress enough that I agree with SRL here. We need to refrain from discussing politics and religion on this site... there are other forums to do so. Please no more mention of candidate's names, or political parties, or any specifics related to elections or politics. It will help us to keep the forum a soft place to land for all.

    Witz- I have a similar problem in that I'm very involved in my church so people often wrongly assume my stance on various issues. I especially hate the chain mail emails, they are insidious and counter-productive. My solution is to have several email accounts, one for each activity in which I'm involved. I then send back these forward-able emails and ask that stop sending them to me as they clog my email account and I'd hate to miss something important regarding my parish life.
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    Witz, when someone sends me an objectionable email, especially one based on unfounded rumors, I try to stop it from going further. Simply replying to the person who sent it doesn't do this. What does is replying to the email to all who were sent it previously.

    I got one about how various politicians treated the security details that followed them around. Supposedly, it was written by a special agent. However, the alleged author didn't even have the correct title for these special agents. I replied to the woman who sent it to me (a truly dear person of whom I think the world) and copied everyone on her list, explaining that I felt something like this should not be forwarded since none of us have actually seen this behavior in person. As such, it is simply rumor done to make one politician look bad with no fact behind it. I was amazed -- five people actually replied and agreed with me. So, sometimes standing up and saying something is wrong can be a good thing, especially if worded kindly and graciously, as you do here on a daily basis.

    Maybe something sent to everyone might embarass her enough to get her to stop with the spam mail. Who knows? You can but dream (and try). You could also contact her email provider to report her as a spammer and forwarding stuff like this is in fact spam.
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    I hoped I wasn't specific enough to identify who she and I were referring to. If it's not ok I'm alright if you need to remove it.

    My concern is more one of that I can't give her a new e-mail address without putting the other 20 people on the neighborhood watch list the same junk e-mail, and that would be too cumbersome. Junk e-mail accounts are for ignoring! And, I can't embarrass her through the chain, because I have to get along with some of those people and they may feel the same as she does.

    I just wish people could be nice. I can remember my 2nd grade teacher telling us in an election year "We don't discuss politics and religion with people outside our families. It's just not done." We were 7 years old! But not too young to learn manners!

    I wonder if this woman actually reads what she is sending. Last year she sent me several diatribes that amounted to advocating genocide of a particular race of people that she feels get too much government benefits. The thing is, it's her race. I mean, I'm a mutt from way back, but her parents were immigrants, and she loves them to death. Sees them every holiday, etc. What the heck?

    All I can say is that I'm glad we have TiVo. I can zip right through those political ads!
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    You CAN give the dummy email address for the neighborhood -

    ANd a good one for everything else.

    The letter was fine. It was to the point, stuck to the wishes of YOU and wasn not blunt as I know it.

  11. SRL

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    You're all so much nicer than I. ;-) My dad's on my email block list.

    My dad was sending tons of junk to my brother and I. We asked nicely a number of times--for me it was just pesky but my brother still had dialup and it would take ages for his messages to download. Once after a big batch my brother forwarded all 28 message back to him. My dad doesn't have broadband either...

    Every few weeks I go through my junk box to see if there's anything legit I need to see.
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    I think your response to her was was nonoffensive and to the point and ended with a little humor.

  13. ML

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    I think your email response was brilliant. ML