Ugh. Just re-broke my broken tooth


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It was so pain-free for the last cpl of wks that I forgot not to chew there. And of course I was a very bad girl and was eating hard candy. THAT will teach me!
The weird part is that I feel a shard of tooth or filling inside my gum and it hardly hurts at all. Just a dull ache in the general area. The shard is very pointy. Don't know if that means that the nerve is already dead. And the taste--ewwww! The inside of a filling is always disgusting.
I Googled abscesses to see if they always hurt, and 99% of the time, they do. So I'm thinking it's just the filling and part of the tooth and it's not infected. If it starts to hurt, I'll go to the dentist this week to see if it's infected.
Meanwhile, I have to wait until the 24th for surgery. :( (Extraction and implant.)
The doctor is out of the ofc the entire 2nd wk of Feb. and I've got too many things going on next week.
Good thing it's a tooth and not a heart attack. I don't have time for deathly problems!
Thanks for "listening.":cry:

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Oh no!!! I sure hope they can get you in sooner. Darn that hard candy, stick with chocolate :p


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ONE MORE DAY! I go in Monday morning.
I hate this. It hurts, it throbs, and I keep forgetting. This a.m. I ate Rice Crispies. Who would think that one teensy escapee piece of cereal could hurt so much?
The good news is that all of this 50 mph wind is supposed to turn to snow and bitter cold Mon afternoon and Tue so I can stay home and heal and won't feel like I'm missing anything. I am ready to hibernate.


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OOO Thats a ways off. Ok, I have been using warm salt water a few times a day off and on because after a couple days it helps with the infection and throbbing! I also gave in and chewed on raw garlic :eek: and yikes it hurt and burnt for the first 5 minutes but I was pain free for over 12 hrs~ of course a little pain when I have cold go over it. If you cant chew it hold it there, maybe the tea bags if you dont want the garlic? Hang in there!!!


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Garlic? Hmm.
I feel for you!
My swollen glands and lymph nodes are all gone, so that's a huge relief.
Ate mashed potatoes for breakfast.
Four more days ... please don't let anything happen to the doctor or his staff ...