Dental bone graft, scared out of my mind URGENT


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Nomad, I am sorry you're experiencing these dreadful consequences from dental procedures. I have had extensive dental procedures for decades. Initially when I was 17 my parents family dentist pulled a tooth and left part of the root in my mouth. I won't go into all the details, but it took years and many different specialists to correct the initial damage, finally resulting in a bridge. However, it also caused periodontal problems. I couldn't possibly add up all the time and money I spent fixing that problem.

I've had excellent dentists and poor dentists and now I consider myself an expert on dentists. Recently I had been going to a dentist for over a decade when he decided he was going to semi retire and brought his son, his daughter and his daughter in-law into his practice as partners. As he began stepping back, the 'kids' changed his staff and the prices for all procedures went up substantially, suddenly you had to ask for the discounts you had been given freely before; every single time one of the new dentists looked in my mouth, there was something in there which was going to cost me thousands of dollars. I got really fed up with all of it and when the hygienist in this office was suddenly fired after years and years, I contacted her because I trusted her and asked her to help me find another dentist. I interviewed new dentists for over 6 months based on her recommendations. I needed a GP and a specialist for an implant I needed. Since implants cost about $5000 with everything, I wanted to find two excellent dentists. It took awhile and a commitment on my part, but I found them. One thing that really struck me right off the bat is that I had a 4 point bridge which felt loose. To replace this would be over $4000 and I had asked my former dentist if there was a way it could be removed and replaced with new 'glue' without breaking it. He said no. When I posed the same question to the new dentist, he said, "we have a device (which he showed me) called a "bridge remover" and so you are aware, it could break the bridge trying to remove it, but in your case, I think we can do it." I said, "let's give it a try." He tried and was completely successful. So, I think back to my former dentist and wonder, is it possible he never heard of a bridge remover?" It sure feels like it was all about money.

When my granddaughters dentist told her she needed braces the dentist gave me two referrals for orthodontists. One told me she needed a retainer, cost: $2,000 with all the visits for as long as it took. The other one told me she needed a full set of braces, cost: $10,000 with more expense for the future retainer, etc. Even my granddaughter said at the second interview, "I only have one tooth slightly out of place, I think this dentist is ripping us off."

Dentistry here in CA. is now 'cosmetic' dentistry and the costs have sky rocketed, with so much emphasis on making each smile gorgeous, it's been difficult to find a dentist who just fixes what's wrong, but after persevering, I think I did it.

My SO had problems with his former dentist and he went to the organization in CA. who oversees dentists, I forgot their name. But he made a case and won and was rewarded all charges and the dentist also had to pay back the insurance company. You could go that route if you believe there was incompetence or poor dentistry of any kind.

I'm sorry, you've really been through the mill on this one. It may be prudent for you to have your heart checked, since dentistry can impact the heart. I don't want to unnecessarily frighten you, but one of my best friends got an infection in her heart at 35 years old from a dental procedure, she still takes medication for it. I don't know how they check for these kinds of things, but if you're concerned about it, get your heart checked, you've turned over every other rock, one more won't hurt. I feel so bad for you, what a nightmare you've been through. If it were me, I would have my heart checked. ((((HUGS)))))


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Tooth abscesses CAN cause all sorts of nasty stuff. When we moved to Ohio 25 years ago we really lucked out, got a good Family Doctor and Dentist.

I've been to other dentists and doctors. And I will never, never, never go to another dentist again as long as mine practices. I had an unnecessary extraction (Tricare, what can I say, when I was covered by XH's insurance and he was active duty), pain - pain - pain. Refusal to give me antibiotics. One told me he didn't do novocain and I got up and left. My dentist will look at me and say - "I can't do this, I need you to go to an oral surgeon" and he has one I like. But - he will try to do it if he thinks he can. And if he runs into problems? He is HONEST.

There have been a lot of people around you with what looks like cause and effect, but truly, there's no way to know, honey. And I'll be honest, I would go for the good dentist with the outdated equipment. She sounds pretty honest. And honesty is best.

The dental assistants - well, ya know, they are NOT dentists... I have a few at my dentist's I love, and a few I HATE. Fortunately... They seem to know, and I usually get the same two that I love...


RE....sounds like a nightmare (hugs) are lucky that you have a good team there...I actually might go back to that dentist, but with such a high incidence of cancer in my family, I was waiting for her to get the digital equipment. She didn't volunteer the information, I asked if she had digital and she said she did not. I was thinking that since she already paid for it, hopefully she will install it relatively soon. Weird...I think. But, I did think she was good, otherwise.

Good and kinda weird news!!! I put in a call to my current dentist. To my SHOCK he all but admitted that putting in the graft immediately after pulling the tooth was probably an error and there still could be some infection in there and this is causing all the problems. He also said that it is possible with dental/mouth infections for it NOT to show up in the blood work! OMG! I'm having it removed late Monday or early Tuesday. I'm back on antibiotics tonight. He said he is going to thoroughly clean out the wound and look for any subtle signs of infection and cover/clean a wider area than before. Sigh. I'm somewhat relieved.


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I'm late getting back to this, but I had an extraction with a bone graft on the 18th, and other than reacting to the sutures and needing them out early, I had no problems. I also didn't have an infection at the time. My mom is an EFDA (Expanded Functions Dental Assistant) and she had no trouble with me having the bone graft done at the same time. She said some people have a lot of pain with it and some have little to none. The only pain I had was in the gum tissue because I was reacting to the sutures.

Sjogren's is actually the second most common autoimmune disorder after rheumatoid arthritis. It is frequently comorbid with other autoimmune disorders. Biotene makes toothpaste, mouthwash, and spray to moisten your mouth that is recommended by most doctors and dentists for patients with Sjogren's or chronic dry mouth. While Sjogren's primarily effects secretory glands causing dryness, like any other autoimmune disorder it can effect organs, joints, skin, etc. It can also cause low grade fevers. It can also cause painful salivary glands and there is a big one called the parotid gland right next to the ears. If there is swelling in the parotid gland it will most likely feel like your ear is hurting. (I have had a lip biopsy to test for Sjogren's and it was negative, but I have no visible or palpable salivary glands inside my lips or cheeks (except for one very large parotid gland inside my right cheek that you're not normally supposed to see there) and they had to do the biopsy under general anesthesia instead of with a local. I get pain in my parotid glands and because the main facial nerve runs through that area, it can be quite uncomfortable.)

A couple of thoughts - it could be underlying infection, it could be the parotid gland, or it could be inflammation pressing on a facial nerve - the main facial nerve runs through the parotid gland area and you could feel it in your ear.

I hope by now with the bone graft out you are having less pain.


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Nomad I wish I saw this earlier. I once had a temporary crown it on a tooth that had an access. Dentist thought he cleaned it out all threat but there was infection still in the tooth. I wad in awful pain for weeks while he gave ne antibiotics that didn't help. I kept going back and finally he admitted I neede a different kind of antibiotic that works on a closed tooth where the infection can't be reached. He also had to take the crown off and clean it out again.

I hope you find relief soon.



Thank you VERY much Flutterby and Nancy.
Nancy...that sounds awful! (Hugs) to you both.
HOnestly, this has been harrowing. said you didn't have an infection at the time...and that is likely the key diff. between us. I had my procedure on 9/4 and it has been horrible ever since.
I don't even know who to ask about that parotid gland. Both the oral surgeon and the dentist mentioned that they could see lots of inflammation below the tooth, into the jaw.
I'm not sure if it is worse at this time...but I do wish to see a comparison. Both the dentist and the oral surgeon mentioned that I have a large gland very near the inflammation and going near my tooth, up the side of my face/ear.
This could be the gland you speak of????
The pain in the tooth area vacillates. I always have pain, but sometimes it is as bad as a ten. Of late, it is hitting that level at least once a day and I'm taking Percocet often now.

My surgery to remove the graft is this afternoon. The first oral surgeon I sent to copped an attitude and said my dentist should fix his own problems. I found another oral surgeon to do it.
He is going to take a culture.

I've never had low grade fevers before, they started the day after the procedure just over three weeks ago and are daily and nothing I take lowers them. They are tiring me at this point.

I've had one questionable decision made after the other (by dentists) and I'm upset by this. I think with inflammation/possible infection and a hx of lupus, it was big time debatable whether that graft should have gone in on the same day as the extraction and the oral surgeon I saw strongly hinted the same.

Anyway, for those so inclined, please keep a good thought for me for my surgery this afternoon and that this entire thing gets better. I struggle very hard to keep my health in a decent place and this has been very hard.
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Nomad, I am so sorry for your troubles. You poor thing!

It does sound like one or two of your dentists has screwed up.
Now, what to do ... definitely, find one you trust.
I don't know why you've had trouble finding good dentists lately. I'd be tempted to go with-the old technology and the old wisdom and lots of experience. Then again, it would be preferable to get new technology and lots of experience. :)

So, are you taking antibiotics or anything? Because from your description, some bacteria got into those people's blood systems from the crummy dental work and yes, it's rare, but it can happen, and cause other, serious problems like a heart attack.
Are you okay with-taking antibiotics as a prophylactic? I'd seriously consider it.

I would not recommend reading any more scary stories and would focus my energy on finding a reliable, well trained dentist and surgeon. I would also get a second opinion from another surgeon.

My mom had Sjogren's Syndrome. She didn't have as much of a problem with-her eyes as she did with-her mouth. You will have a water bottle attached to you with-an umbilical cord, lol! Reallym, even if you're not thirsty, carry a water bottle at all times.
As the others here have mentioned, there are new products on the mkt for eyes and mouths that you will want to use.
Check to see if your ins. covers them. It's worth a look-see.

Many, many hugs. I will be thinking about you.


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OopS! I didn't see your last note until after I'd typed mine.

I am glad you had the graft removed. Boy, between the surgery and the attitudes, you've really had it bad lately!

I hope that you feel immediate relief and that the painkillers and anti-inflammatories or whatever they give you will work wonders.
Many gentle hugs, warm compresses, and peaceful, healing thoughts coming your way ...


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I am so sorry you have had so much pain from this. It is actually not uncommon for dental infections to not show up in bloodwork - there are blood vessels in the gums but not in the teeth themselves. Or that seems logical. I do know that it happens as I have had it several times - the infection from dental that didnt' show up in bloodwork. As a teen I had an excellent dentist and he was never surprised if bloodwork didn't show inflammation but you had a fever. Antibiotics are what is needed and I hope the new procedure and the work the dentist does is helpful.

As for the ear pain, it is entirely possible to have an ear infection that an ENT cannot see. EVERY ear infection my children had hurt at least 2-3 days before ANY doctor could see the signs of infection. By the 3rd time this happened, the doctor realized that I knew my kids very well, and that if I said it was an infection then it was an infection even if they didn't see it. In all the years of infections (the boys had a LOT of ear infections, Wiz had them almost monthly for 4 years even with several sets of tubes), at no time did they end up on antibiotics for an ear infection when they didn't have one. By the time the medications worked, the infection was visible even if the doctor gave the medications when I first saw the infection.

There is an eardrop called auralgan. Pediatricians and family practice docs are very familiar with this. It is a medication like lidocaine in a drop that can be put in the ear. These work best when the drops are warmed by putting them into a cup of warm water to warm them before you put them in your ear. ALWAYS test against your wrist before putting in your ear.

Ask/insist that the doctor or dentist give you an rx for this. It iwll help with the ear pain. It soothes the area and can help soothe the nerve if it is close to the surface of the ear. This link will take you to a page about the auralgan drops at the walgreens pharmacy site:



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Please tell me if getting the grafting material removed has helped? I have been facing a year long nightmare almost identical!!! I have been so sick and feel like I am losing my mind. I am looking into getting the grafting material removed also.

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**Note** I have not read the other responses.

Nomad (((hugs))) you've been through too much dentist wise and your panic is understandable.

However, you've had a 2nd opinion AND had reg doctor check you out. No infection was found. Good. Odds are you've got a virus with terrible timing.

Wait it out and see what happens. If symptoms/fever gets worse, then contact someone. Taking antibiotics without knowing the problem is very bad for you/your body and useless.


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Amanda this is a very old post from 2012 and chances are Nomad will not see it. Since you are going through much the same thing she did and really need info why don't you try sending her a PM. At the top right hand corner of this page click on Inbox and then Start a new conversation, enter Nomad's name in the box and type your message. Hope this helps.


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I see the problem, she must have her settings to not allow PM's . Let me see what I can do and get back to you.

OK I found a recent post of hers and added a message for her to come here and read this.
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I see the problem, she must have her settings to not allow PM's . Let me see what I can do and get back to you.

OK I found a recent post of hers and added a message for her to come here and read this.

You are so wonderful, thank you very much!!!


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I'm in bed with my cell phone and just saw this. I'll see if Runnaway Bunny can fix my PM problem.

I had a onlay fall off I had no pain. But, I wanted it fixed since our daughter in law was about 7.5 months preg in another city and I was expected to help.

The new dentist wanted to put on a cap. What followed was a freakish nightmare with many many mistakes and re-dos. I started to devel