Ugh, laundry got me again!

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    Hello family,

    Sorry, I have not been on in a while.

    Monday, was a VERY bad, no good day! I am living on my sis' property in the apartment behind their home. She has this awesome washer/dryer set up that allows for huge loads at one time. So, I did like 2 weeks of laundry for J and me in ONE load!!!

    In my attempt to carry a very overloaded basket of clean laundry back down the steps and to my apartment, I fell off the last step when my right ankle turned in. I heard a very distinctive "SNAP" about 4 iniches above my right ankle, the outer bone broke instantly. :sad-very:

    I was up before everyone that morning so no one knew I was lying out there in the freezing, wet lawn, unable to even crawl for help. Thank God J woke up and came out looking for me. I sent her in to get Auntie and tell her I fell down. She did an awesome job.

    I split open my left knee, totally jacked up my back and my right ankle/lower leg was already twice the size. brother in law got me into his truck (a whole funny home video could have been made with the process it took to get me up!) and he took me to the hospital.

    Sure enough, right fibular fracture! So now I am parked, and have been since Monday, on my sis' couch, not able to bear any weight at all for 4-6 weeks. I am going NUTSO!!! I did finally get my hair washed today and got a sponge bath, feels sooooooooo much better being clean!!

    This is so beyond frustrating, not to mention painful!!

    Thank goodness J is being beyond wonderfully good and gets along with her sibs/cousins sooo well!

    I got very upset with Aly the other day as she visited me and then did nothing but compain that I wouldn't be able to go to the Special Olympics with her. Finally H took her home, but only after sis gave him a very mean :angry-very:look!!!

    Anyways, just a poor ol me post!! Can't be on here very long, my leg swells very quickly!

    I am thinking of y'all and will be checking in now and then.

    Hugs and love,
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911


    Sorry about your knee, back, ankle and pain. Read the part about you hearing the distinctive snap and nearly puked. BlECH.....(thanks for that) lol

    I was wondering - what would be the worst case scenario if you did not see Aly for 6 months or so? I mean it. I don't think you realize it but every time you post about her - it's very negative. And I'm the first one to tell you I could do the same about Dude, for years. lol. But when I got that way - someone suggest we took a paternal time out. Crazy as it sounds I did it for 13 weeks. It bothered me more than it did him. But when we saw each other - it was really good. And then as per usual - it went down hill rapidly, (groan) again.

    I even began to wonder if I'm toxic to Dude. I know I'm not -but you start thinking things like WHY CAN'T I STAND my CHILD? And then all the ugly pours out. And it's not really Dude or Aly that we have trouble with, it's their behaviors. I remember the time going by thinking - he'll call, he'll miss me, he'll need me - and NOPE. I needed him - but I needed to get away for a while more. It made me appreciate him in all his disordered splendor.

    I even found myself bargaining that if he would JUST rage, or JUST be encopretic or just destroy the house, school, neighbors stuff on a minute to minute basis, or would just curse me and not the teachers, or just be so outrageous, or just one thing and not 12 - I could cope. But when you have a child like Dude wtih multiple diagnosis and you deal with the stress of that kids behaviors, the strain on a relationship, day to day stuff, personal stuff....and by the time you get around to Aly - you have nothing left to give, but COULD muster up something, some niceity, some kind word, or understanding thought but they come at us like bees out of a disturbed hive. CONSTANTLY. And it wears us down. So maybe a real Mom and Aly break is due?

    I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, it isn't my intention to be judgemental about your relationship with your Aly - I know you love her - there is no doubt for that. But when you don't like someone - maybe it's time for a bigger break than just moving out. Maybe it would do you both some good. Or if not your kid (like mine could have gone eternity without me I think) maybe just recharge your batteries and give you the ability to appreciate missing her.

    Thinking outloud is all .........

    Hugs & love

    oh and if husband had pushed Aly to say those things about the special olympics - then SHAME on him - you don't need to see him for a while either. Maybe he's finding out it isn't all kittens and roses with a difficult child.
  3. trinityroyal

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    Oh Vickie,
    Sorry you had such a no good very bad terrible awful Monday, that resulted in you being laid up. I am very glad that J is being a trouper, and hope that your recovery is smooth and swift.

    I think Star's advice regarding Aly and H is definitely worth considering. When you already have so much to deal with, and now a broken ankle, racked-up knee and bad back on top of it all, you need to focus your energy on yourself and J, rebuilding your strength and energy.

    Sending gentle hugs, positive thoughts, fairy dust and a soft fuzzy healing blanket for you to curl up in.

  4. daralex

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    So sorry about all the broken bones and nasty stuff - maybe you can use this as an excuse to never have to do laundry again! Sending ((hugs)) and thoughts for a speedy recovery!
  5. Andy

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    Do what your doctor says. Once the pain is gone, it will be boring to continue the healing process but ohhh so important to let those bones heal properly.
  6. WhymeMom?

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    Sorry for your fall and subsequent break.....I hate it when I'm slowed down by my health. Just think I ought to have super human powers, but body's have a way of letting us know when we need to slow down. Hoping for quick healing......
  7. Jungleland

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the good thoughts and wishes! I feel like the world's biggest clutz!!

    Star, I think there is a lot to your post that I need to seriously think about. I went to dinner tonight over to H's, Aly had already been having a bad day at school then with therapist, so I expected the evening to be horrid.

    Thankfully, once we got settled in, we had a nice time and she was pretty appropriate.

    Being here, at my sis' place and being surrounded with little ones, (oldest is 8, then 7, 5, 3) and then J is 4, I am learning soooo much about parenting. It is amazing to me that my sis can meet each and every kiddo's needs(and they are all special needs adoptions) with such grace and patience. I am learning to listen, take time outs for myself, breathe before I talk, etc. J is just learning it all right along with me and she is doing sooo much better.

    I am feeling so much stronger with my parenting, H is starting to get with the program and is liking how I am parenting J and I see it in his parenting of Aly.

    I realized after I posted that I do say way too many negatives in regards to Aly, I rarely share the good stuff. She has gained 1/2 year in reading and math in the past 2 months. She is now functioning at a low 2nd grade level (she is about to finish 5th grade). She is so proud of her educational gains (as we are!!)

    We have an IEP meeting next Thursday at the (gulp) middle school she will be attending this next fall. They are thinking of starting her off in the special day class and mainstreaming for PE and Art. I can't wait to meet the SDC staff, as I hear great things about the program.

    Anyways, lots to think about, and lots of time to think!! LOL!!

    Thank you all so much!

  8. Abbey

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    I feel like the world's biggest clutz!!

    No, you'd have to challenge me on that. ;)

    Broken ankle is NO fun. Hope you have a quick recovery.

  9. susiestar

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    I am so sorry you are hurt. follow the doctor's instructions - to the LETTER.

    and remember - elevating means above your heart, not just in the recliner off the floor (My mother has had many hand and foot surgeries, one involving a wrist break, one with a foot break - above the heart REALLY makes a difference and speeds healing).

    Congrats for the parenting changes!! That is hard work. Congrats also to Aly for the academic gains!!

    Sending hugs to all!!
  10. Wiped Out

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    OUCH!! I hope you mend quickly!!