Ummm, I'm very suspicious...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Chaosuncontained, Dec 11, 2011.

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    OK, so a week or so ago she calls me CRYING--after not calling me for almost a month. Telling me she was going to have to go to jail because she backed into a parked car while leaving a party--and LEFT. She wanted me to "help her" by paying her $130 bail and co-signing for the balance of her bond. I told her no, I couldn't help her. And I couldn't. I did NOT have the money and I haven't had a job for 2-3 years (stipulation of the co-signing). I told her I loved her, told her to call me when she got out...and hung up.

    The next day I looked her up in our local "jail search" and saw her mug shot--she SMIRKED in her photo (wtf?). She was "in jail" for 3 hours. Didn't hear from her. I assume her grandmother got her out (major denial).

    Last night, at 11PM she called my cell phone. First of all, I have told her 1 million times that my cell gets AWFUL service in the house. I get service only when my cell lays on my bedside table, that's it. She didn't call the house phone. SHe told me she loves me and that she misses me and that she feels so bad for not calling me more. She tells me she is at a party with, like, 15 other people and she just "thought" of me and wanted to call. Then she asked if I would be home Monday. She wants to come out and see me. Ummm...I live an hour from where she lives. She gripes all the time about how far away I live, how much gas it takes to get here, how far away from her work and friends I live... and yet she wants to come SEE ME!?

    She knows I have ZERO money for her. ZERO. Half of me doesn't think I'll even HEAR from her tomorrow--much less SEE her... but wow! What is she up to now?

    All I want for Christmas is for my 20 year old to stop doing drugs, drinking and hanging with losers. I want her back, her normal, kind, loving, smart self. And I want my 9 year old to get the help that he needs to make him be the best boy he can be. I know that it is all alot to ask... but I ask it. I pray for it. I dream of it. I want it.
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    Hi. I know exactly how you feel. No advice but {{hugs}} and prayers too.
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    I pray for this for you too. Hope you get no silly surprises tomorrow. {{{hugs}}}
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    Actually it's not a lot to ask.
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    Sounds to me like a drunken phone call from the party. I've gotten a few of those from Oldest over the years. Alcohol makes them more sentimenal sometimes :)

    Hope there is no drama today.
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    Well, no drama. She was a no show. I called her and she said she had to wait for a friend to take her to the pawn shop so she could pawn something because she needed gas (I hate to think she has stolen from her Grandmother AGAIN).

    She asked if I would be home Tuesday or Wednesday. I told her to call before driving "all that way" to see me, to make sure I was home.

    We shall see.
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    I am sorry. This has to be annoying/upsetting to some degree.

    If she has stolen from gma, it would not be a good idea to tell her you won't be home at a certain time. The drunken call reminds me of a college acquaintance who did that kind of thing to find out when her parents/relatves would be gone so she and her friends could go rob them when they were not home.

    I hope that is NOT her agenda, but from what you have said it is possible. Better safe than sorry.

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    Im sorry. It is horrible to be in that place. I remember it well.
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    Hoping you get knee pads from Santa - sounds like that's the best gift to get you - seems your knees are going to get worn out with this gal.

    Hugs & Love