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    I saw this in yesterday's Richmond Times Dispatch. I've never seen anything like it. At first I thought, "Wait, you can't die from bipolar," and then I thought, well, heck, he probably overdosed, and the fact that the parents wrote about bipolar in the obit was more than enough.
    I read the comments page and the family got a lot of comments from complete strangers. What a difficult time, but what a great idea, to help others by publicizing this as best they could.
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    I'm guessing it was very publicly known he struggled with his bipolar. I'd hazard a guess that he, or his family, were involved in some movement to share information about mental illness.
    This to me, was a beautiful tribute to their son. No shame in his disease. No shame in a young life lost, a recognition to the fact that an illness was the cause of his death. It got me teary eye'd actually.

    As morbid as this seems, I have thought often of how to word any eulogy at my mothers funeral when her time comes. Her struggle with bipolar is wide known, as is her having no family involved with her anymore. Bipolar has robbed her life of everything good. This family has actually inspired me to do what my gut says, when the time comes, and acknowledge her struggles and her humanness when that day does come.

    Thank you for sharing. This young man was truly loved, it oozed off the text.
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    Suicide is also a possibility.
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    I posted to them.

    I think this a wonderful tribute to their son. I am proud of them.

    Oddly enough Cory was here when I was reading this and he was like...Bipolar can kill you? I explained how bipolar can kill and he seemed to get that but for a moment he was really shaken. The odd thing is Cory seems OK right now off medications while I know I wouldnt be ok off medications. Cory doesnt agree with me on that subject but we agree to disagree...lol.
  5. susiestar

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    A very touching and heartfelt tribute to this young man. He was clearly very loved.

    Bipolar is a HORRIBLE disease, made more so because it cannot be "seen" the way many other illnesses can be seen. I will never forget how stunned I was when I learned that the mortality rate of people with bipolar is estimated at 30%. The studies I read (about 5 years ago) attributed this to suicide and self medicating resulting in overdose. Sometimes it is impossible to know if an overdose was accidental or the method of suicide the person chose.

    I hope and pray that none of us get any closer to that statistic than reading this obituary.
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    It amazes me that there are people that can be so strong in the face of such loss. :crying:
  7. Steely

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    Wow..........major tears.
    I had forgotten the stat that 30% of bipolar patients die.
    Not a settling fact given the state and situation Matt is in right now.
    Kudos to this family for being brave and bold enough to write this.
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    Whether drug overdose or suicide- or both combined into one, they suffered a horrid loss and the life must have been a tough one for both the young man and the family. I admire their strength to be able to publish a tribute, express their grief, and advocate for mental health issues all at the same time.
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    Their strength during their time of loss is amazing. Bi-polar can be such a devistating illness. :(
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    Im telling you what...this post started a huge argument in my house yesterday. I almost beat the living daylights out of Tony. I read the post and he made the comment...you cant die from bipolar. I said...oh yes you can. It is a disorder that has a mortality rate of around 30%. He replied...(and this is where I could have literally killed him)....if bipolar even exists, the actions of the person are what kill them, such as being impulsive or suicide or overdose. It isnt like cancer or something.

    I was like...if it even exists? Are you kidding me? What planet are you on! The only people who dont believe in bipolar are scientogists and they dont count. I dare you to find me a real medical doctor who says that bipolar doesnt exist! In adults. Yes there is some controversay about bipolar in kids but in adults? No way! Im an adult...that boy was an adult! Bipolar exists. End of discussion! Hell...he has lived with me unmedicated and knows without a shadow of a doubt that there is a huge difference. How on earth can he even say such a thing?

    Oh there are people who say it doesnt exist. Well there are people who think the earth is flat and that martians have invaded us but it doesnt make it real!

  11. Nomad

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    Profoundly sad, touching and moving.
  12. Shari

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    Very touching and much needed.