Update - Circle of strength, friendship, and prayer for Dammit Janet

Scent of Cedar *

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All may be we with our Dammit Janet, but I am not seeing her here on the site. Janet, know that we are circling the wagons around you.

Prayers going up, and strength to meet whatever is coming, next.



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Dear Janet, I really miss seeing you here, and I hope you are OK and that this is just a temporary "blip." I'm joining in the wagon circle and wishing you everything good.

Love, Esther


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Missing Janet a lot too.

I hope speedy recovery and that her absence from here is not a sign of anything bad.


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It's not the same without you Janet! I really hope you're ok! Please check in when you can!


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@DammitJanet I remember how supportive you were to me when I stumbled upon this community at a very dark time in my life. You kind words meant so much to me.

I hope that you are well. Please check in.


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Is there anyone left on the board that has contact with Janet other than through the board? I'm really surprised we haven't heard from someone, anyone...


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I actually know her address. I sent her granddaughter books once. I will send a card to her and her family with a self addressed stamped envelope. I'll write something heartfelt from all of us and ask to please let us know if she is ok. I'll sign our names from this thread.