Update/ He is gone. My cat is dying

Hi family,

We are a family with a zoo (see signature below) but one of our oldest, beloved cats is in the process of dying. He and his sister are outdoor only cats, pretty much the entire neighborhood's cats. We got them from the Humane Society when they were tiny kittens, over 10 years ago.

The last week or so, he has stayed home mostly all the time. Yesterday morning I took a good look at him and he did not look good. He has NO color to his gums and was breathing very slowly.

I called the emergency vet last night and she said that when it gets to that point he is just hours away from dying.

This morning he didn't acknowledge our presence, and was breathing only every 20 seconds or so. Now he is down to only taking a desperate breath every 45 seconds. He is basically gone. husband and easy child 2 just left for a fishing weekend. I don't know what to do. Do I just let him go naturally or take him to the vet and let them euthanise him? He doesn't seem to be in any pain or I would have taken him last night.

I hate this so much! husband told me he feels it will happen VERY soon and to put him in a box once he is gone with his favorite blanket and husband will bury him when he gets home on Sunday. I can't stand the thought of him here, in a box, ya know?

Thanks for listening. Just sitting here, miserable and sad!



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I am so sorry this is happening. We do get so attached to our fuzzbutts. I have lost a couple of cats and it is gut wrenching.

As far as what to do-ask the vet if she thinks the baby isinpain and if she says no, I think I would let nature take its course. if yes, I would opt for euthanasia as I cannot bear for one of my babies to hurt. This is just my 2 cents worth.

I definitely hear ya on his being there in a box until husband returns but on the other hand, I can understand his wanting to be there for the burial. It will be closure for the entire family.



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Just let him go naturally.... if he doesn't appear to be in any pain. Do you have a friend or neighbour who will keep the "box" until husband gets home? This is what we did with our dog last year.... she was very sick and we knew she wouldn't make the night. We gave the dog bed to her and some water and blocked her in where the kids wouldn't wake up and find her (she wanted to die in difficult child's room as that is where we kept finding her hiding) In the morning she was gone... my husband couldn't handle it (his dog before I came into picture) so I had to deal with it... I had my grandfather come over with a box and he put her into it... it was still very difficult. I had to leave for work and when I got home husband had already taken her to bury her.... It is so hard when a beloved pet passes.... there is a website where you can pay tribute to your pet I know it's called the rainbow bridge but I don't know the site address.... If I get a chance I will post it...
My heart goes out to you...

Oh Vickie. I am so sorry.

I agree with Lumi, it sounds like the kitty is not in pain. Let him go, and see if you can find someone to hold the box for you.

You have my heartfelt hugs and prayers, I know how hard it is to lose a beloved furry friend.


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I can relate. my beloved Misty died at age 17. I could not euthanize her. instead we got her pain medications. the day she died, I gave her a warm bath (she liked baths) and held her all day. I played soft music and stroked her. I still miss her and my eyes are stinging with tears now as I think of her. that was 2 yrs ago. she was one in a million to me. she went thru 17 hard yrs by my side.

God bless your lil bundle of fur for being so comforting to you thru these 10 yrs. sigh.

He is gone. My Tigger is now going across that rainbow bridge to join Sunny, Buddy, Toby, Timmy, Lady and Roo.

I just got off the phone with husband, he and I bawled together. I wrapped Tig up in his favorite blanket, put in one of his toys and put him in a box.

Our respite weekend visitor "J" is such a blessed young man. He asked if he can help me bury him after we get back from taking Jayme to get her halter monitor off. I gave him such a huge hug and he clung to me and said a prayer. He is one special little 11 yo!! Thank God he was here with me.

Something strange, or maybe not so strange, as soon as he took that last breath, his sister Tinkerbell took off running down the street. It was so weird. She had been hanging around with me all morning while I was petting and comforting her brother. I know she knew the second he passed. Animals are amazing creatures!

With great sadness,

Thanks to all of you!


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So sorry, but at least the baby is at peace. You, too, can be a peach knowing you gave him a wonderful life.

Animals are such intuitive creatures. Once the other cat comes back, he/she will probably be clinging to you to help console you-cats are neat that way.

Hugs to you and your family!


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I understand your pain and hope that it soon eases. My husband and I
are still not ready to get a new fuzzbutt and it has been well over a year. Perhaps Tinkerbell will be a comfort. DDD


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I am so sorry... I am a cat lover. I would have tons if I could!!!

One of our hermit crabs died last... and even that was hard. We are going to have a burial today.

I hope your kitty goes peacefully... my thoughts are with you and your furry one.


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Animals are amazing creatures. Their senses always fasinate me.

I'm so sorry for your loss. They become such a part of our lives, it's almsot like losing a child.

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Oh, I am so sorry, animals mean more to me than most people. My friends goat died the other day and we both just cried. I have a dozen chickens that are all pets to me and a dog and two cats. I know how said it it to loose a pet. My thoughts are with you.


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Aw jeez, Vickie :sad: :sad: :sad:

You know how I feel about my fuzzbutts. My sincerest sympathies.



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Vickie, I am so sorry for the loss of your pet.


As many times as some of us have been through this, it never gets any easier, does it!
Well I might not be able to walk tomorrow, but I dug that hole and buried my kitty this evening. I just couldn't stand the thought of him lying there in that box till Sunday night. After I finished, Aly, "J", and Jayme and I sat around and thought of good, happy thoughts about our beloved Tigger. "J" said a little prayer and then we came in for the night. The kids have been sad but know it is just his body buried there. Aly said she is happier knowing that he is up in Heaven playing with our previously passed furry family members. Then she said she was really glad that her Papa will have a nice kitten while they wait for us someday to join them. Sniff, sniff!!

Thank you all for your wonderful kindness.

Love you all!!!!!!!!