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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Well seems I think Billy has gotten himself into some sort of problem with his job. He had transferred to a job in a town about 20 miles from us almost a year from us about a year ago because they promised him full time work after he had been on part time for most of the 2+ years he had been working for Radio Shack before that. Same company, just different store. He was also supposed to be next in line to be a manager or assistant manager should anything happen to the manager at that store.

    Well as so happens, that manager up and quit but they wanted to try Billy out before actually giving him the store and I think I can understand why. He has the skills in some ways but not the social verbal skills to deal with employees beneath him and they ate him up. They refused to do anything he said and were obstinate and rude to him and he became sick with stress induced illnesses. He simply couldnt cut it. He begged his district manager to move him back to another store in my town as just any employee.

    Well....he has only worked very minimum hours since then. Maybe 12 hours. I think Radio Shack has decided he cant be counted on to move up because he is weak-minded. The stress just got to him. He cannot find anything else and he has put in countless applications.

    He is doing slightly more around the house but not a whole lot. I have told him to take care of anything medical before he loses any insurance but he just doesnt seem to get it real well. Right now, he hasnt been to work in the last 5 days at least. He has only done a minimal amount of work and thats when I have directly told him. Thankfully it is done when I have told him but I think thats because I have really been sick. However, tomorrow he has a dentist appointment and he seems to think I need to go with him to get his teeth pulled even though he doesnt have to go with me today! Now someone will have to go with me to get all of mine pulled if they do my entire mouth done for dentures but that will be because they are putting me under at least a light anesthesia. And I am going 2 hours away.

    Well...this should be interesting.
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    WTH? Don't those store have assistant managers? That's where he should have been moved up to, and the assistant, if capable, to the manager position. been there done that. You can't just go from the lowly staff right to the top. Especially if you're moving within the store. Coworkers will ALWAYS consider you a coworker. I'm very angry on Billy's behalf right now because I believe if they handled the change differently he would have been very successful.

    Is there a Best Buy in town?
  3. DDD

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    I'm sorry Janet. Those darn social skills have a way of undermining talent! Here's hoping there is an alternative position that will allow him to utilize his knowledge and not be a major stressor. Hugs DDD
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    Regardless of personalities or abilities, there is usually a lot of resentment when one of the ranks is moved in to a supervisory position over their former peers. It's not an easy position to be in and it takes a lot to win their respect and to have them accept that you are now in a position of authority over them. It doesn't sound like they handled this well at all. They should have been helping him! When I worked for the State, they had a week-long program of training for those new to a supervisory position that people were required to complete before they could officially supervise others.
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    They didnt handle it well at all. The former manager was a slacker who did as little as possible for months before he left and then when the guy quit without notice there was no one put in but Billy. Billy knew everything about the mechanics of the store. He is so loyal to a fault. He is also not mean. All the other local managers told him to get tough and cuss the other employees out. Billy couldnt cuss on a dare. The company also didnt give Billy the ability to fire people who acted up. Thats when I would have put my foot down. Dont give me the responsibility without the ability to perform the job.
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    OMG That EXACT thing happened to me. They (different company) let me hire, but not fire. I hired a lousy assistant mgr. and when I found out I couldn't fire him, it all went down hill. After I left they kept that guy on, and eventually found out that HE was the one robbing the store blind and caused my inventories to be short. Good news was that they retroactively gave me the bonus I should have gotten, and removed my "not eligible for rehire" designation.

    A tough live and learn opportunity for Billy. I hope he does not give up because of this.
  7. klmno

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    Yeah, it sounds to me like they put him in a no-win situation and now he's somewhat depressed and pessismistic about it all. I'd suggest just trying to be up-beat about his possibilities of finding a better job some place else. Will they give him a good recommendation? I've heard Lowes is a great place to work. Walmart, I don't know.
  8. Star*

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    Well I would say with his skills RS should be GLAD to have someone like him with his knowledge back in ANY store - I think if I were you - I'd write corporate...not kidding. NOT everyone can know the stuff HE knows and is willing to go in day after day and do his job. H'es been loyal, and dedicated, he knows his merchandise at the drop of a hat - and off the cuff and they don't need someone idiot in there ------they need people like him with his know how. Word the letter for him....let him send it.
  9. Hound dog

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    I'm with Star. I'd word the letter and send it for him.

    The way they did this promotion he was set up to fail. Not fair. And so what he can't do management right now? He does his job and he does it well, he's loyal and he goes in day after day. Employees like that, for a store such as that are nearly impossible to find. Most of their tech personnel hang around only long enough for something better to open up.

    Travis would love to work for RS, and he'd be awesome at it. But the training is clear in cincy.
  10. 1905

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    Can he get partial unemployment??? I'll bet he can! Definately have him write that letter, they should be ashamed that his hours were cut like that! That's not right. Who did the actual cutting of the hours? Send a letter to that persons boss!
  11. Mattsmom277

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    How incredibly unfair Janet. :( Not to mention this must be upsetting so much for Billy after so long with this store and having fit in well and it sounds he was good at his job. Cutting his hours isn't right at all and I hope he gets to the bottom of it and has his work hours restored. Being not the right fit in a more senior position does not take away from how well he performed from his couple of years now of service to the company. Something tells me too that had he had proper management training to help him with the verbal/social stuff as management, he'd probably have done very well as the manager. How maddening! I have no advice on how to handle it, but I do hope he either gets his hours restored or that if he decides to look for something else that he finds a job somewhere that he can do as well as it sounds he did at this job.