Update on court for difficult child

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    Jacob had a long talk with his public defender today. I think it went pretty well, actually. Especially considering the level of distrust she's earned with me.
    For those who haven't followed, Jacob went over the gate into a closed park at night, did a little dance, and came back out. The park is on the US/Canada border, and border patrol responded. They didn't find it to be a big deal, talked to Jacob and called me on Jacob's cell phone. They agreed to send him home with his promise that he wouldn't do it again. THEN the local police showed up while I was talking to Jacob and telling him to get his rear end home right away. After hearing how they were talking to him, before the cop ended the call, I took off for the park. In the 5 minutes it took to get there Jacob had been handcuffed, bruised, and quite literally thrown in the back of a cruiser. All 4 of the border patrol officers said they didn't understand the local cops' actions. Both border patrol and local cops told me that there would be no charges, and sent Jacob home with me.
    His public defender has been a real headache - refusing to allow me to be a part of their discussions, refusing to give me information, and trying to talk Jacob into pleading guilty to all charges. NOT going to happen. He will NOT plead guilty to resisting arrest, assault on an officer, or obstruction of justice.
    Monday, I requested that a more experienced defense attorney go over our case and "help" the public defender. Surprisingly, there was one assigned within a couple of hours.
    Today, the public defender called Jacob saying she'd talked with the prosecuter and if he pleads guilty to trespassing (we have court on the 18th), they'll drop all other charges. That's exactly what we were hoping for! The agreement for a guilty plea for trespassing is 6 months probation, $100 fine that Jacob can pay in $25 a month payments, 40 hours of community service, and a letter of apology to border patrol for taking their time away from more important duties. It's a bit more harsh than we'd hoped for, but it's not completely unreasonable considering they could have charged him with felony trespassing, since it was a federal park! Overall, we're happy with it.
    His PD still isn't happy with me though. She found out that Momma Bear can and will bite her head off if she messes with my son too much! LOL I think it was a lesson she needed to learn.
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    Wahooo-this is great!
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    That is a surprise! I'm glad it looks like it will work out well for you and I hope difficult child learns his lesson. Better to learn it now rather than later. :)
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    I am glad it is working out that well and I hope it goes as planned.

    You did an AWESOME job advocating for your son with the PD. She sounds like a real idiot and someone who was NOT doing her job. it is my understanding that a defense attorney is to advocate for their client's best interests and a guilty plea on all counts is NOT that in this case. I am glad that you got a more experienced atty to supervise her.

    I hope that the cop will not continue to try to harrass you and your son and that your case against him gets approrpiate results.