Update on difficult child 2

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    I haven't done an update on him in a while, so I thought I would.

    He's been back at home since shortly after Thanksgiving when he stole and used my medications (klonopin, vicodin, percocet). If you remember, he was so out of it that the principal had to carry him to the office and easy child had to go pick him up from school. I then found more medications of mine hidden in his things - stupid ones..phenegran and amitriptyline. Things you can't get high off. Although, the amitriptyline could have been nasty given his diagnosis.

    Anyway, he's decided that he's not bipolar and has gone off his medications. therapist thinks that should be one of the diagnostic criteria for BiPolar (BP)...non compliance or refusal of medications. I guess he's just a joy to be around. :rolleyes: I haven't seen him since shortly after he went back home.

    There's no point in forcing the medications issue with him. He's almost 18 for one. For another - and bigger reason - he'll just take off. He'll run. We might not find him this time. He's not a danger to himself or others so his mom couldn't get him admitted anywhere.

    He's almost off probation, but his PO wants to know what he's planning on doing with school, since he has the credits of a freshman, is doing nothing in school and wants to drop out. He can't drop out because he has to have a job in order to drop out (state law), so he's just doing nothing until he turns 18 in June.

    It's creating a lot of havoc with his younger brother who is difficult child's age, understandably.

    He just doesn't see that he's shooting himself in the foot. He always has to learn the hard way. Except that it doesn't seem that he learns from anything.

    Sigh..... Detach. Detach. Detach.
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    Hugs. This will not be fun, you already know that. As my Mom used to put it, it is time to sit back and watch him "hit the wall" and hope that he learns sooner than later.