Update on difficult child


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Well, it's been a month since his arrest. He went to court today and plead quilty to both charges---he recieved a 2 year suspended sentence and 1 year probation.(His probation officier is my high school boyfriends sister), so I know her quite well. There are also lots of fines to pay and other stipulations as well. He must get his diploma (still fighting district and stupid adult ed program) and get a job (not going to be easy for a felon quilty of forgery without a hs diploma).

He has met with the coordinator at voc rehab, and she is waiting for his mental health records and IEP. I e-mailed my contact at mh, but she was apparently not there today because I didn't hear back from her. I will have specail services fax his IEP on Monday. They can help him get a job and get training or go to tech. It looks like a job opportunity if it works out.

He has not used. He has stayed close to home. He has avoided old druggie friends. Tonight he is visiting with his best childhood friend---a nice kid who I have always liked and trusted even, and he texted me earlier and told me he was playing pool and listening to country music---having a good ole country boy night. He is to be home before ten.

We saw our GP today and he is trying him on Symbyax (sp). He said it is like a combo of prozac and geodon. He is take one each night at bedtime and see GP in two weeks.

I'm still nervous and suspicious of everything he does. I am trying to not question and nag, but it is hard to do. He is still the same kid, only sober, so the gfgness is still there and sometimes he drives me bonkers with his actions or inaction (which is more often).

Keep us in your thoughts---and pray he finds a job!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>katmom, I'm sending some positive thoughts. It has been a year of struggle for you and your whole family.
My difficult child is scrapping food off dirty plates at a breakfast restaurant. (no gloves-yuck) He is doing it. He started bagging groceries last week and is doing both jobs.
I'm grateful he hasn't got fired from either. It's crappy pay with no benefits but it's a step forward to proving to himself and potential employers that he can stick with it.
I'm pretty shocked that he has done the dishwasher/bus boy thing for 5 or 6 wks already.
When they put their minds to it, they can work so hard for their own success.
I hope your difficult child can find a job, keep himself clean and regain some of your trust. I haven't ever heard of the medication but I hope it's the one. </span>


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My difficult child 1 worked for 18 months one day a week as a volunteer at the zoo, shovelling manure and being trampled. No pay, but it did him a lot of good in developing his confidence and work ethic. Even a volunteer position can help to build experience on a CV.



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I don't know where you live, but I just learned about this program in my NAMI class. They help people 18 and over who are diagnosed with mental illness. You apply and once they are accepted they become part of a clubhouse where help is given to get jobs and function in the community. It seems very positive. You might want to read about it and see if there is one near you.


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Sounds like the voc rehab is definatley the way to go for him. He has a better chance getting employment through them then on his own with his record and no diploma.

It will be a long time before you stop watching every move he makes and walking on eggshells. Just remember he has to make his choices and you have to live your life. He knows the rules, now it's up to him.

Glad to hear he's not hanging with the old buddies. That in itself is a good sign. Hopefully he'll find a new circle of friends and find it easier to remain clean that way.