Update on easy child



easy child and I talked on Saturday. It went miserably. He stormed off mad and said he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I was mad. Not good.

A couple of hours later he wanted his friend to come over. I said no. I never say no to this friend coming over...I call him my second son. Last year he spent 2 weeks with me and easy child wasn't even home - he was at his dad's in Georgia. Friend now lives with his dad 40 minutes away and when he comes up to visit he spends more time at my house than his mom's. (Friend is a difficult child, too. LOL I have a soft spot for difficult child's. His heart is in the right place.) So easy child knew I was less than thrilled with him. All of a sudden he wants to talk again. Funny how that works.

Long story short, we got everything worked out. He's worried about my health and worried about finances because I've been off work for so long. He doesn't understand things with difficult child - or doesn't want to, but he understands (for now) that he doesn't get to have input on parenting her. He seems to have a hard time with that one. He has some control issues.

He's been fun to be around again. I've always enjoyed his company.

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I'm glad it turned out well.

I also seem to have a soft spot for difficult children. lmao

My easy child used to have some major issues over parenting the difficult children. What maturity didn't help with, becoming a parent herself did. She now sees that parenting her siblings is a difficult job at best.

I'm glad as I see a potential difficult child in Darrin. But so far easy child's loving and strict parenting is working there so I'm not too worried.