Update on Elijah day 7

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    Hubby and I went to see Elijah today. I brought him the chinese food for lunch that he asked for, but he did not even want to eat it. I also brought his favorite game from home to play with us called Uno Attack. We played this for a while and he had fun laughing away. The social worker came and talked with us. She asked how he seemed today, and again we said hyper. She told us about the incidences that happened over the weekend that I already got informed of yesterday. Then she told me that there is one doctor who is there on Mondays and every other weekend, and the other doctor who is Tuesday through Friday and the other weekends. She told me that the Monday doctor thinks that maybe Lithium is not a good medication for him, because he is so young, and also because of his high triglicerides. She said that the Monday doctor will tell the other doctor those recomendations, but the Tuesday through Friday doctor is the one who makes the medication changes because
    he sees Elijah most. I asked when do they plan on discharging him and did not really answer me. I asked if it will be a couple more weeks, and she said she hopes not that long, but we will take it one day at a time. They keep telling him a few days, a few days, and I think it would be better to tell him a certain date, but I don't even think they know. She thinks that the doctor will maybe make some more medication changes soon and she will update me tomorrow when he comes in. They are going to have him tutoring beginning this week there. The SPED director from his school was in contact with the hospital already today. He said that the hospital wanted him to have five hours of tutoring, but the SPED director and I both agreed that would be way too much for him because he has a shortened day at school only going for 3 1/2 hours a day. The SPED director is even worried about that much because he does not think Elijah needs to be more stressed or
    upset right now and doing school work does both to him. He gets frustrated by it. I asked the social worker if a letter or something could be writen when discharge time comes with his diagnoses, suggestions for the school, myself, etc. and she said it will all be included in his discharge summary and she will make sure there are specific accomodation recomendations for the school in there too.

    On the way home I called his psychiatrists from Tufts in Boston to cancell an appointment that Elijah had scheduled tomorrow with him. He told me that I should suggest to the hospital an aftercare program at a step down short term residential facility so Elijah could be better evaluated. I don't agree with that. I could see if it had a great possibility to change his life for the better, and something drastic could come out of it. Then I would do it for him of course because I only want what is best for Elijah. I don't think that is really necessary right now and I don't want my little guy living in a residential facility. Has anyone's child gone to one and had something very positive come out of it? He was just talking short term step down residential he called it. That word "Residential" sounds like long term to me and is really scary. I will just see what the hospital recomends. I don't think I should bring up the topic with them,
    but if they recomend it then I will think about it.

    Today was an easier day for me. My spirits seem a little more up today, but what the doctor at Tufts said to me stressed me a little. We can only do what the social worker at the hospital said "Take it one day at a time".

    Thanks for all the continued support and prayers. I continue to remember that everything happens for a reason, that is yet to be seen by us. Also that God has a plan for Elijah and will see us through whatever comes our way. I know that he is watching over him each day and night, will keep him safe, and guide us through the right decisions.

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    I'm glad he had a good time playing "Uno Attack". I hope the new medications help Elijah to become more stabilized. Five hours a day of tutoring does sound like a lot for a 6 year old. My difficult child always did well with school at the hospital. It was right at his level and interuppted with enough physical activities and craft things that it worked well.

    As hard as it is to think of having Elijah go to a short term residential, it might not hurt to mention it to the psychiatrist at the hospital. Explain it is what Tufts recommended and see what he thinks.

    Gentle hugs and prayers sent for Elijah and you.
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    Excellent advice! If you can do that, and remember that he is safe and everyone is working to stabilize him, which is really of primary importance at this point, then your anxieties should ease a bit. You can worry about long-term treatment issues when the time comes.

    I'm glad the SPED director is being realistic about the situation and not wanting to stress Elijah any more than he already is.

    Hope you are also able to spend some quality time with your other two, despite the stress you are under. It must be concerning for them to see their little brother going through this.

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    Janice, it sounds as if your little guy is in good hands. I actually think it's positive that the docs are not telling Elijah a specific date he will be released because then if it doesn't happen, he won't be disappointed. Honestly, psychiatric hospital stays are usually so short because of insurance coverage that it's great they're keeping him in until they feel he's ready.

    One option you might to ask the psychiatric hospital social worker about is a day treaament or partial hospitalization program that Elijah could be released to after the psychiatric hospital. Day treatment programs generally run during school hours and involves both school, intensive therapy and continued medication management. But he would be home in the late afternoon and evening with you.

    Hang in there.
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    they never really give you a date, which is done deliberately for several reasons. One, is that the medication changes can cause reactions and they need to be observed. Another is that it is often dependent upon the ins. company. And another is that if they tell you, and, more important, Elijah, and then something changes, all h*ll will break loose. It's much better to tell Elijah that as long as he is working hard and discussing important issues, and behaving or whatever it is that he's supposed to do, then he can come home soon.
    Our difficult child was so concerned when he first got to the Phsop, he thought he might be there for a month. Then he realized he didn't have any homework. So he guessed that he'd only be there for a wk. I don't know if he was evesdropping or if he just figured it out on his own, but he had a pretty good guess about his release date. At least as good as our guess.

    I'm glad the game of Uno went well and that he had a good time.

    I agree with-them, just take it one day at a time.
    You've got a lot on your shoulders and it's so hard not to over-think things. been there done that.