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    Just wanted to update...

    It is day 4 of difficult child's hospital stay and we had a team meeting this morning with his psychiatrist, social worker and case manager. They all feel that he was most likely not going to try and take his life and he seems to be enjoying his stay there. He is very impulsive and enjoys attention either negative or positive. He is connecting with the other kids who are there. I agree, as I have noticed that he seems too comfortable for a kid who has never been away from home/parents before. He refers to the other kids there are his friends.
    They are not planning to add any medications as neither psychiatrist he has seen there seems to think he will benefit from them. They are planning to release him on Friday.
    They are recommending an afterschool program 3-4 days a week that involves group therapy, social skills group and there is a psychiatrist on staff that he will see once a week as well.
    I am thinking this sounds pretty good? They suggested that his phone/internet time be pretty limited and monitored to some degree. When the case manager brought him in, he did not have much to say until when she mentioned the plan of this follow up care as well as the phone/internet limits. He became very upset and angry and feels that this is all unfair.
    He does not know that I have read through the text messages on his phone at this point. I don't feel bad about doing it....I am not sure I even want him talking to these kids that he met online that he and they have shared their cutting and suicidal ideologies. I feel that these are extremely unhealthy relationships. I just don't know if it is the right thing to do?
    Again I really appreciate any input!
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    I'm not surprised he's comfortable there. They have a staff they keeps a routine consistent which is comforting to him. The program sounds helpful and uses up some down time. Your biggest fight will be internet, most kids rank their online access right up there with breathing.
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    Limiting times on the phone/computer, he will have to live with it. Its hard for them( and us) but if thats what he likes and thats whats causing more issues ( like my daughter) than you have to try it.( my son is outside time and can be tv) So as far as reading his texts, yes, you have every right to. I will do the same with mine if need be. Cutting/Suicide thoughts is scary, because even if its for relief or just talk, it can go wrong and is a bad and dangerous habit. Meeting friends online scares me too, and my daughter has and so far I believe all are ok, ( have yet to meet in person and some dont live in the city) In your case, its proven how these kids think...But, you have to do what you feel is right and safe for your child. Would I cut them out? Yes. Now, only if it was a support group to STOP the kids from it, then its different.

    Social Skills, therapy after school , great idea!!! Praying for you all and lots of support
  4. Juliennes13

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    Yes...the phone/computer use does seem to rank up there with breathing for him lol.
    It will be difficult but his online usage is just going to have to be more monitored. I am really hoping that this program will be good for him in the long run. He needs to see that there are other outlets for his feelings and I am hoping that maybe he will be able to open up. I know that this is going to be a long hard road. I thank you for your kind words everyone.
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    Now is a good time to look into online parental controls.
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    I have parental controls on the computer...the problem would be his phone. I will be setting limits and I will have to check his text messages which is where the big problems arose. Thank you again :)
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    If you have a really robust parental control program (not just the one that comes with the computer), it can also be loaded onto the phone.

    Does his phone have WiFi access? or just straight texting... (makes a difference - much easier to monitor internet activity on the phone, than texting activity)
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    The texting with his "friends" is definitely going to be the biggest issue.

    And I guess I was getting ahead of myself because he had a bad night last night...he scratched his arm with the metal top of a pencil :( He says that another patient there was treating him like he was better than him. I can only imagine what that means. difficult child is back under constant observation. I am thinking tomorrow's release is not going to happen. Waiting to speak to Dr. later. Sigh.
  9. SomewhereOutThere

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    Any reason he can't be changed to an old fashion flip phone with no texting or internet access if you really believe that is making him worse? My husband STILL has his flip phone...lol. He doesn't text and swears it is indestructable!!! :)
  10. Juliennes13

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    You know MWM, that just might be a good idea! I have old phones here but I know they have texting capabilities. I will have to look into this lol
  11. tiredmommy

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    The other option is to block #'s and set times he can use texting and data.
  12. DammitJanet

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    Its incredibly hard at this point in time to even find a cell phone that doesnt have texting and internet access. Even my very first phone back in 03 had texting and internet even though I didnt use the internet and only got a few texts. At that point, texting and data was very expensive. I think back then I got 250 free texts a month. Maybe less. Personally Im still not good at texting and would rather talk.

    A couple of years ago I tried to find a phone that wouldnt go on the internet or text for Monkey (she couldnt write at the time so texting was mute) but I couldnt find one even in a bar phone. I just didnt tell her what it could do. Now there is a phone for kids called ..darn cant think of it but I know it starts with a K. You can set parental controls easy on it and block whatever you want including if they can get on the internet. The other good thing about that phone is it has constant gps and you can see from your computer where the phone is.
  13. Castle Queen

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    OK Janet curiosity got the best of me and I looked it up- is it Kajeet or Kytephone?