Update on Melatonin Trial


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I posted a few days ago in regards to some questions I had about using Melatonin for my 3 and 5 year olds and I have tried a full 3mg for each of them the last two nights, and it is like a MIRACLE!!! Instead of taking 2 or 3 hours to get them settled in to bed, it has taken a whole 10 minutes and they are sleeping SO MUCH BETTER!!! I also wanted to note that they seem to benefit during the DAY from getting a much better night's sleep. They are waking up in much better moods and their behavioral problems seem to be minimal the last couple of days. I know that only having 2 days behind us I should not jump to such conclusions, but at least we are off to a great start!!!!!


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I'm not surprised that they are doing better during the day. Sleep deprivation is a major health problem for kids in this country.
We used Melatonin with Aly and with Jayme. Worked for about a month and then just stopped working. Especially with Jayme (3 yo) she has a hard time falling asleep and then wakes up at least 3-4 times nightly crying or destroying her room. Saw Pediatrician this morning (see post on that) so we will be trying a very low dose of Clonidine.

Hope it works longer for your kiddos than it did mine!



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I hope it works for your girls!!! It seems to help my difficult child 2 she does 2mg liquid, but for difficult child 1 it was making her night terrors worse and I had read this elsewhere on the board as well.

I use it and love it...
good luck

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difficult child has been using melatonin for over a month and for the most part it has helped her sleep through the night and fall off easier. Not everynight, but more often than not.

Due to some pulled muscles in her neck and shoulders from her tics, she's taking flexeril, so the melatonin is on break for now.

I hope it continues to help your kiddos.


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I use Melatonin for three of my youngsters one of wich has a diagnosis of adhd, and odd and another we are waiting to evaluation. and it works wonderful.