Update on my difficult child's recent Dr appts


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Okay....if you recall from my introductory post, my difficult child has yet to be diagnosed with anything although we have been fighting to get ANY Dr to put together his issues he has had since he was a toddler and realize that there might just be something to this mother's story and we should evaluate this kid!

Well, last week I finally got that pediatrician to see what I have been trying to tell the other doctors in their group for 6 years and she referred me to a Pediatric Neurologist and a Pediatric Psychologist to have him evaluated for the possibility of either a neurological disorder including mild autism, or a behavioral problem like ODD.

My first appointment was with the Neurologist (Thursday). The Dr. was wonderful, very knowledgable, very informative and the best...very concerned. She interviewed my first without my son present as to not embarrass him (my husband took difficult child to lobby). I told her the things we have been dealing with over the years; the seizures of which have stopped since he was 2, the sound sensitivities, the extreme pickiness with food, the odd art work as a preschooler (he would only draw vertical lines next to each other across the pages...I have multiple examples.) The running in circles in a room for no apparnet reason when he was about 3-4 years old, the behavior problems that have become increasingly worse as he has gotten older, his inability to handle changes in our daily routines well including having to go to the grocery store or wanting to go out to eat instead of eating at home. The Neuro wanted us to have the testing done for both behavioral problems and also autism to find out what was going on here. She said that we (the Dr) might be able to help him at school (has troubles reading out loud, reads robotic like and skips words and some other issues dealing with changes in routines). She said that since we already have the appointment with the Psychologist (scheduled for the next day) she said keep that appointment, but if they can't or won't do the testing, to call her office back and she would referr us to a pediatrician. neuropsychologist. I left the office feeling relieved that this was being taken seriously and it was not placed back on us as the parent needing to control their child better.

I will explain the Psychologist's office in another post...it is just too long to read I am sure....believe me!! It is WELL worth the read, you will probably be SHOCKED when you read it...my husband and I certainly were shocked to have experienced it.

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