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    So her teacher tried to block husband on Tuesday from going in the school to help N because she thought she was going to poop her pants, so husband said I'll run her in and help her... Teacher blocked him and said "No I can do it!" was very pushy and annoyed. husband said "No, I would like to help her if that is OK?" Teacher was obviously annoyed but let him... so he came out, N did not poop. Teacher was back to phoney chipper self.

    So I pick up N later that day, Teacher comes up and says, "We have a mystery, she pooped and when she came out she had poop on her pants" "Not on her underwear, I don't know what happened, I went in and helped her, she wiped herself and everything was fine, I have no idea what happened?"

    So I just said Oh well I am sure it is fine... she was very fast about it and matter of fact. So as I am driving I think, of course, she got poop on her pants when she pulled up her pants, because her underwear always gets stuck down below her pants... hence the poop only on her pants.
    I am also thinking, why didn't she help her WIPE??? So we get home and I check her... of course, poop all over her bottom and now her underwear also!!! All dried and her poor tush is now red.

    We have talked about this 3 times now!!! should I just figure this is what happens at pre-school? I mean we are paying for this? She said it was no big deal, she would help...
    So we are trying to not over react... I hate feeling like it is always something, when today husband is dropping N off and teacher is talking to parent of little boy we drive home everyday, she says to parent, "Have you considered a girlfriend/CF diet? it might help with his issues and his lethargy?" Parent was like what are you talking about!?!?! Teacher says "Well I don't really know what I am talking about, but sometimes these things help, but I don't really know"

    Poor E was floored, her son as far as she is concerned is fine. This teacher was SO out of line talking about this in front of other parents and freaking out E about something teacher knows nothing about. She was basically implying he is Autistic or that is what E would have thought once she looked up any info on girlfriend/CF diets!!! I printed up a ton of stuff for E, by that time she was furious and worried and had gone and talked to Pediatrician, we luckily have the same one. Pediatrician was furious!!!

    So now this teacher really has husband freaked, he is ready to pull N out!!! But N like it and seems to like the teacher...
    We don't have another school right now to put her in... we have a mass shortage of pre-schools in the area.
    I am just rambling sorry, getting it out!!! what to do, what to do??? what do you wise people of CD.com think??? thanks
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    I haven't read what the previous issues were but if there's a preschool director or preschool board, I would go to him/her/them with your concerns if you're getting no where with the teacher. Ditto with the gluten-free, casein-free parent.
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    And how old is this teacher? 12?
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    You are talking about your 3yo's teacher, correct?

    Not helping her wipe, and then letting her spend hours with feces on her bottom is neglect at the least. The painful rash was clearly caused by this. My childrens' pediatrician would report this as child abuse if it happened more than once.

    Go to the director of the preschool, ask to talk to her and the teacher at the same time. Tell the principal the problems, and that this irresponsible teacher is CAUSING physical injury to your child.

    Ask how they will keep this from happening again?

    Do the same for your other concerns.

    It would be abnormal in my experience for a 3yo to be able to wipe after a poop and not have problems. It is the adult in charge's responsibility to make sure the child is not harmed in ANY WAY.

    Address the potential breach of confidentiality and your worries she may bring up sensitive info in a very public setting (this is what the girlfriend/CF diet brings to my mind).

    Make sure the director AND the teacher KNOW that you fully expect them to cooperate in a kind and caring way.


    by the way, my mother in law was not allowed to spend individual time with any of my children because the only time she watched difficult child she left him sitting in a poopy diaper for 45 mins. She has never been allowed to babysit because she couldn't see this was a problem, or that a child is more important than weeding.
  5. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    The teacher is the owner "everything" of the school... it is just her and a young girl that is in early education classes. We have discussed this now 3 times and she was fully open to helping N... She wanted us to enroll N knowing she was not potty trained and said she would help... the first time it came up she acted like I was crazy and that ALL 3 yo's know how to wipe...

    So now husband has talked to her, (in case it was just me) she keeps claiming she is helping, or N doesn't want any help and she seems to be doing fine, "Must have happened after she left here" "I would have smelled it" she has an answer for everything, with a placating, patronizing tone...

    And then she talked about something personal in front of others, another child's health... and implied that the child had a health issue. In an offhanded way.
    The whole thing is just very bizzare...

    Our therapist today said she would be looking for a new school...
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    I agree with your therapist-I'd be looking for a new school.
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    Count me in on the looking for a new school bandwagon. I would also be filing some sort of complaint with whatever agency regulates pre schools. Even if nothing comes of it, there is a record of it for when it happens again. (Notice I said WHEN and not IF)

    Hope her tushie is better now.