Update on pregnant daughter


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Daughter, 27, now due in about a month. Because of good advice on this thread


And ongoing therapy we emphasized to her that we were not going to support or raise any more of her children. She wouldn’t be living here. We won’t be free child care or chauffeurs.

Of course, baby daddy bailed at about the 3 month mark (shocker!). Friend she is staying with said she couldn’t stay there with a baby.

We presented adoption as the only viable option, what’s best for the child and for her, which is the truth.

She saw it was best and is working with an agency, has selected a nice couple, and hopefully will go through with it.


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You've done a terrific job with your boundaries.....I'm impressed. Your daughter is living elsewhere and she is allowing adoption (a win/win for everyone, including the child!)

I sure hope she goes thru with the adoption! Keep us posted as to how it goes.

In any case you stuck to your guns throughout. Great job!

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That is good news. You have set clear strong boundaries and she knows you mean what you say.
I'm so happy to hear that she is open to adoption. I do hope she will go through with it.
Thanks for sharing with us. Let us know how things go.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
I know what you have done is the impossible, not so easy to stick to your guns on this especially with baby’s involved.

I am hopeful daughter follows through as well.


Pat yourself on the back. You have held to your boundaries and beliefs no matter how difficult the circumstances. I hope the adoption does take place and that daughter starts to finally control her life. Hugs to you.