Update on Sweet Betsy


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Hi Friends-

Just a quick update on my girl. She has been home for 3 weeks already. Such a big change in her. Respectful, not "all about me", kind, loving....growing up. It has been a pleasure to have her home on what we are calling an "extended visit".

She has made all of her appts. Clinic to prove her pregnancy, Public Health Dept. to sign up for "Moms & Babies", which will cover her medical expenses until 60 days after her delivery, then for a year for the baby after it's born, WIC. She made her first OB appointment. for March 15th. She is working part time for a friend of her dads when he needs her. She has most definatley taken responsibility for what's going on in her life. I must admit that I am proud of her.

She and her boyfriend(he is working in MI unitl the end of Apr) will be moving back to Chicago the first of May. She is anxious to get back to him and the city. I am anxious for her to move forward with her life.

She mentioned the other nite that I have changed. Much more relaxed, intolerant to drama, happy. Yes, I am all of those things these days. Time moves forward and we must too.

Thanks for all of your support thru the years. I will post as things progres..

Blessings to All,

Mrs. McNear


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That is awesome news. Isn't nice when they can say they see a change in you!! That is proof that you have definatley learned to detatch from the drama and she has benefited from it.

Glad things are going well!!


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I am so glad she is taking responsibility for herself. It is so hard to get to the place where you are less reactive to their issues, but it is such a great place to be. Maybe, just maybe, this baby will be the catalyst for change in her life.


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you do sound relaxed. at some point all we can hope for is to be friends of our children one day. happy to know one another and with the past forgiven.

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Yep, I have to agree. You do sound relaxed.

You have every reason to be proud. Sounds like difficult child is stepping into her responsibility very well. Great update! :grin: