Update on the LIE

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    I think I told you that he had called telling me how the police came to his place of work about the bad checks, adn that he had a phone call with Meijers cause that is where the checks were written, adn that he owed 1000.00 and the bank to cover the additional 500.00. He has one week to pay the amt. or placed in jail...A LIE!

    In fact he calls me at the end of the week, adn now only owes 750.00 to Meijers, that is what was worked out. I told him good luck, he has a week, I dont have any money to give, and he has anopther weeke to pay it using his paychecks. I dont think he is working.

    Talked with my parents since they live in the same town as he. He calls me at work and upsets me. They agreed to work with him with his ok from the bank and getto the bottom of it. They also chose to pay it off. Could not convince them to let him pay the consequences, but this is what they think. The bank is waiting for the checks to come back around through to clear, and now they will. At that time the bank will tell my parents who the checks were written to. Meijers have already talked with my parents and there is no issues going on with them and difficult child for outstanding checks! My parents believe he purchased expensive items with his checks that had no money in the acct,and in turn pawned or sold the items for money, which would explain alot. When we know the truth we are thinking of doing an intervention.

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    Forgot to ask, how do I delete this posting later on today before my difficult child shows up? Or maybe I will just delete the site off of my favorites, but knowing him he probably has it memorized.

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    Go to your first post, click on "edit" and then delete post.