UPDATE to new job


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Poor difficult child! His 2nd day was supposed to be today. He woke up at 2 am throwing up with fever, chills, etc! He called his boss this morning, told him what was up and said he didn't want to lose the job. Boss told him not to worry about it, that he proved himself yesterday and to get better and try to plan on being in Monday morning. What a guy! he said his daughter had just gotten over the flu so he knows there is stuff going around.

Whew! Relief there! difficult child has never has a stomach virus thingy before and is so pitiful! I hope at lunchtime, he can begin to keep stuff down so that we can get him on the mend. Boss told him to call him this weekend when he is feeling better so that he can tell him what schedule he is on. After 90 days, he is eligible for benefits, even at part time. By then, he should be done with school and can request full time so that he can afford to get the benefits, pay his car insurance and cell bill. This could really be a great job for him

Please keep fingers crossed that this only puts him down for the weekend!



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A lot of folks round here had the problem of not knowing which end to put on the toilet.

it wont last too long.

glad your son is doing better jobwise!


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.......eeewwwwwwwwww..........your poor difficult child.

I have a theory and I'm sure that if I was a scientist I could earn a million dollars if I published it........

...........I swear that each job change brings new bugs which cause new illnesses. I think it takes, what?, maybe 6 months to acclimate to a new environment and get used to the "bugs" there. It's been proven over and over to me over the years...

...or it could just be a bug he got from the handle on the shopping cart last weekend at the grocery store. :wink:

Regardless, Robyn, it sounds like he has a great new boss with lots of future possibilities. I hope he feels better soon.