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    Probably not much of an update. But there is some news.

    Gonna stop calling stepdau "stepdau" cuz I don't like that term. Never have, and I've never called her that off this board in her whole life. She's my daughter. And so I'll call her K instead.

    A week ago she woke up with a studder, rather pronounced. She's dropping weight steadily due to the severe migraines which not only ruin her appetite, but cause her to vomit when she does try to eat. So she's not eating much. K said if she had insurance she'd have it checked. But since she doesn't, and they're isn't really anything they can do anyway, she's holding off. Sad but I can tell the bad days from the good in her emails without her saying a word. Sentences become disjointed, misspellings ect.

    Her husband is back to work. Thank goodness as one of the town's major factories is closing and if he hadn't found something by then I imagine it would've been much worse. He started as a dishwasher and will be working up to mgr again. His boss doesn't think it will take long.

    They're waiting for me to send off her birth certificate, which I hope to get into the mail today. Being flat broke on this side doesn't help much either. I finally scrounged up stamps and envelopes, and wound up having to ask easy child if she could pick up a manilla envelope for me today. The ones I have are too small to place inside each other along with the birth certificate.

    Makes me sort of sad to send that birth certificate off to her. It's one I've had in her babybook for 25 yrs. Yes, she was 3 when husband and I married and her bioMom has always had custody. Yet I have all of her baby pics and her babybook as well as the original copy of her birth certificate. BioMom is just as bad about that sort of thing as K is, or vice versa. But I have to send this one as I must have given her the other copies other times she needed them. And they need it for govt services, housing ect.

    Oh well.

    On a bit brighter note..........Kayla has asked I crochet her a poncho that's in style now. Pretty please? lol Her fav color is pink and she loves Disney Princesses. Alex is saving a school paper he did very well on in school and is super proud of, and had to brag he was good all week and got enough stickers to earn a toy last friday from the class treasure chest. (obviously a first for him) K says his Special Education teacher thinks Alex walks on water and is doting on him. :) He has her tell us that easy child, Nichole, and I are and I quote as K does for him The Most Beautifuls In the World. :D A bit worried over the phrasing of that quote, since it comes from a 7yr old. But it's sweet. Evan it seems is bent on being a nudist. Strips his clothes off the moment no one is looking. lol

    So little bit at a time, I'm getting to know the grandkids again. Haven't gotten to speak on the phone yet. But K says going out anywhere is rough on her. Doesn't take much to trigger a migraine.

    I told my Mom that we and K are talking ect again. She was tickled pink. I think it made her whole day. :D Mom has been as worried as we were. I still need to sit down with mother in law and talk to her about it. Not sure how I'm gonna do it without shocking her. But she'll want to know.

    So Bitter sweet, sort of. But nice none the less. I like opening my email to find another one from K and the kids.
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    It's nice that you've been taking this somewhat slow, Lisa. Patience seems to be paying off. :)

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    It truly sounds wonderful. I'm sorry about the circumstances, but I'm so very glad K and the grands are back in your life. The grands sound adorable!
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    My heart goes out to you, I cant' imagine what it's like knowing your child needs medical attn but can't afford treatment. Having the kids back in your life, even in this way,must be so joyous for you. -Alyssa
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    I am soooo happy for you to get a glimpse into their lives. The worry of all these years is relieved at least knowing those kids are safe and with their mom.
    Have your shoulders dropped a bit?? LOL!