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    It has been like a tornado here since difficult child has been back from the crisis shelter. We picked him up on Friday at the request of the facility because he threw clay at another boy and hit him in the eye. They were willing to let that go as an accident until the following morning he refused to do his chores and after finding out that the foster family was not going to take him out for a pass to even try to see if it was a fit or not he decided that he would just nap on the couch. They called me and said that either I come get him or the jpo could take him to detention. I figured that they would never reach the JPO since I am still waiting for a call back from last Thursday and have left several other messages. I keep hoping and praying that he will see that things could be so much better for him here now. He is the only one left at home and he could be getting so many rewards and quality time that he just either doesnt see or honestly doesnt want. I dont get it. Anyway, I told him that I knew that we would be getting him there after his lunch so went threw the drive threw at Micky D's and all he wanted was a sandwhich I asked him are you sure and he said yes he wasnt that hungry. So drop him off go to talk to the attendance office to get all of his absence for the shelter excused t hen went to case manager to try to get homework and then lost and found to see if I could find his lost backpack with all of his books. I finally leave and we get home. I put some leftovers in the microwave for me and husband to eat (we only fed difficult child earlier) when I get a phone call from the school to pick him up he is suspended for fighting. NOT EVEN THERE 2 HOURS so we go pick him up and bring him home and husband and difficult child get into a fight (HELP) He finally goes to bed after taking his medications and something that he hasn't been on in a while but the next day he was in a great mood washed and dried 5 loads of laundry not all got folded but hey I was happy. Then the light switched off and for no reason he was mad. He called several family members on bio dads side to of course tell them what a horrible mother I am. Later he went to his room and was talking to a friend and I text him twice to remind him it was time to turn in his phone and then called which he ignored so I walked back there and asked him to turn it in and he said NO and I reminded him that if it gets taken away it will be for a month this time and I came back into the living room. He came in here a few minutes later yelling and me saying that he was trying to stop a friend from commiting suicide and that if she dies the blood is on MY hands. He turns in his phone and goes to his room. husband starts telling me that he can't stand to be here when difficult child is here and doesn't want to be around him and difficult child heard him and was very hurt and angry so that started world war three. difficult child decided to destroy the remote to our new and only working TV then goes to his room to blast his unapproved music and I asked nicely to turn it down and he turned it up so I cut the power to the entire house. difficult child trapped me in the laundry room and husband called the police. They did not charge him with anything but one of the officers had been here a couple of times and MADE him take his medications and pulled him off to the side and gave him a lecture after that he went to bed. I didn't sleep cause I was afraid he would get up. The next day he took off and when he got home started working on his bike so again I didn't sleep he finally came in from the garage about three this morning and didn't get up until I told him it was time to leave for his Dr appointment at 1:30. Still have not heard hide nor hair from the JPO and he told us they were going to staff his case on Thursday -now monday has come and gone and still nothing. He was tired tonight when he went to bed so I am hoping that I can take my medications tonight and get some sleep. :faint:
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    Hugs, sorry you are going through such a difficult time. Those up and down moods are scary.